How to choose the right lead center?

Many companies choose to outsource their customer relationship management to a call center. But have they thought of using a lead center? The term lead center is a neologism that means lead management assistance center. The term prospect in France is used regularly and that of lead is used more and more. Just like a call center, a lead center is chosen based on different criteria. That is to say, it must meet your expectations by using human and digital Finland Email List tools and that it is specialized in your field of activity. Because yes everyone can tell you I will treat your leads but many will not bring you the expected result. Therefore we can ask ourselves on what criteria you should choose a lead center?

A lead center in summary The term lead center is an increasingly present anglicism in the world of customer relations. Derived from the abbreviation between lead generation and call center, it has a different vocation from the latter. Indeed the lead center like the call center does not do cold prospecting. That is to say that he already has a base of potentially interested persons and therefore it is possible to personalize the offer. This personalization of the offer is possible thanks to digital tools. The use of input channels like forms is the perfect example. Thanks to the information previously collected by a person, the personalization of the offer can be carried out. It is possible to know which pages he inquired about and what his expectations are. This can be done using two tools, CRM and scoring.

The first is a tool allowing the management of the customer relation

By taking again all the activities of an individual on the site. The final objective is to optimize the customer relationship by offering a unique and personalized experience. Secondly, the scoring is used to assess whether your lead or prospect is likely to take the act of buying. Indeed the scoring allows to give following notes the actions that a person carries out towards you. The higher the score, the more willing the individual is to do business with you. In addition, a study conducted by Ledgeview Partners evokes the fact that 56% of companies do not have a lead scoring system. Based on this observation, calling on an outsourced lead center seems the best solution. A lead center will do the generation,

Management and transmission of qualified leads for you through scoring. An ideal lead center The ideal lead center is made up of different criteria that are both human and digital. As with the call center, the people working in a lead center are people with a higher education diploma. They are even experts in fields of activity such as home automation or in the industrial sector. If we take the example of Force Plus, there are specialized engineers or people from business school. Just like in a high level call center, a good lead center lead does not use a script. The employees of a good lead center will be able to respond precisely to requests. The objective of the lead center is the personalization of the offer according to the actions of a potential customer. Therefore, carrying out a strategy through a script is not in line with the values ​​of a lead center.

In addition, an ideal lead center is able to offer fully digitized management

whether in its internal or external processes. A lead center should also provide you with regular follow-up. This is done through reports showing the evolution of lead capture. A lead center with a human contribution The objective of a good lead center is in its DNA, that is to say to place people at the heart of its strategy. Unlike many outsourced call centers that do not meet personalization criteria, a lead center meets these criteria. The main objective of a lead center is that of the personalization of the offer. So using a low-end call center will not allow you to generate leads.

They will make a series of calls repeating the same things over and over again. The presence of the human factor is very important in the customer experience process. The objective is to put the consumer first and place him at the center of the strategy. The goal of a lead center is therefore to generate contract opportunities by offering a personalization of the offer and a customer satisfaction close to 100%. This satisfaction is essential for a company which must now control its reputation on and off the web. Choosing the right lead center is therefore essential for acquiring and retaining customers.

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