How to choose the right technical hotline?

Is choosing a technical hotline really useful for your business strategy? Many companies wonder about the usefulness of technical hotlines in their business strategies. However, this despite the reputation that this branch of the profession may have, remains essential. Several studies tend to show that 70% of prospects and customers are unhappy with the Andorra Email List telephone service. This is akin to an outsourcing of technical hotlines badly done. Indeed, the number of technical hotlines is important. However, a very large majority of them are not specialized and are not able to fully support the client.

Choosing an outsourced technical hotline can turn out to be a good deal, particularly in terms of ROI. However, this return on investment can only materialize if you make the right choice of outsourcing your technical hotline. From then on, we will see how we go about choosing an ideal technical hotline? The one capable of responding precisely and efficiently to your customers? How to differentiate a technical hotline from others? Technical Hotlines do not always have a very good press with the general public. Its negative image is due to poor management of customer requests on the part of many technical departments. Often the clichés that emerge are:

Inability to meet customer expectations

That the technicians just follow a script and can’t get out of it. That technicians do not take the time or explain the reasons for a malfunction. However, not all Technical Hotlines are like this. There are specialized Hotlines. These specialized Hotlines will be able to respond precisely to customer expectations. Unlike multiservice Hotlines, a script is not read. A technical hotline is therefore differentiated by its methodology, its specializations, its approach to customers and its results. The ideal technical hotline meets several criteria to have optimum quality in order to have the best possible ROI.

In reality, the vast majority of employees in technical centers have higher education degrees. They even specialize in the areas of intervention of the company for which they work. If we take our example, there are specialized technicians and engineers. An outsourced Technical Hotline must have different semantics and not follow a predefined script. The script seems inappropriate to solve a problem, because each situation and interlocutor are specific. Adapting your discourse is part of a logic of proximity that benefits the customer experience. The question of people and the customer experience must be the priority asset of a technical hotline. Take into account the experience and knowledge of the technicians present.

A technical hotline as close as possible to people

The objective of a good technical hotline is to highlight the human value as well as the DNA of the company which outsources. Unlike traditional technical centers, the objective is not to sequence and time each intervention. The goal is to take the time and put people at the heart of the strategy. To do this, it is important to take the time and provide a personalized customer experience.

The human approach is the greatest wish of companies. We are no longer looking for economic gain, but customer satisfaction. In addition, with digital technology and changes in consumption patterns, the issue of good reputation is important. If the customer is not happy, he will report it on the web and social networks.

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