How to choose web hosting for your website?

The first mission of web hosting is to guarantee you access to the website 24/7 thanks to secure servers. Thus, these servers ensure optimal access to your website. And to have such a service, you must turn to host providers ( web hosts ) like Extern-Market. Note that our web servers are of high quality and with a location in Europe with Marseille (FR) and Amsterdam (PB). Also, our experts are responsive with server monitoring to constantly monitor the accessibility of the server and the security of the latter. So 24-hour management info to avoid any cyber-attack attempts which could cause you to lose all your data and potentially your site.

We intervene within 24 hours to ensure the resolution of all possible accommodation issues. So you will understand, you have a team of IT experts Congo Email List dedicated to your business for the management of your website. 1 – Definition of secure web hosting First, what is secure web hosting? The basic concept, when you use your computer to access a website, the page is translated and appears in the form that is familiar to us: texts, photos, videos, etc…. The code translated by the web page comes from various files stored on servers. The web host is therefore the company that will be the tenant of the servers where the data of client companies is stored.

Very few decision-makers know the importance of hosting

A website and its daily support ( website maintenance ). Companies with a website usually do not know where their data is stored, which can be serious neglect. You can therefore endanger it with the total disappearance of your site in the event of a hacking or fire cyber attack as occurred at OVS Strasbourg in March 2021 (30% of the French web were faced with major complications). And not to mention at the time of writing this article, in October 2021, a new failure (human error when updating the server) was still at OVH penalized many sites for a whole morning.

Web server 2 – The different servers and shared web hosting servers A server is made up of a computer containing a hard drive, memory, and an operating system. In addition to offering you storage space on our servers for year-round web hosting, Extern-Market also offers module maintenance and updates to your website. With this service, a backup of your data, an IT support service, and antivirus monitoring are generally available with the pack. For any other hosting, dedicated or VPS, you will have to take into account the creation of your server (private server for VPS).

This principle exists among all web hosting providers

Shared server The shared server is a server shared between several users. Of course, shared hosting represents a much lower cost than a dedicated server. For email marketing, the use of this server may represent certain risks. Indeed, e-mails can land in filtering blacklists due to bad practices of another user present on this server. 2.2 – VPS server The VPS server is a virtual private server. And like shared hosting, the VPS server is a server shared between several users, however, each website has its dedicated resources. Note that the available processing power and storage memory are more efficient than on a shared server. Also, to use the VPS server, you need to have the large required resources and skills in-house.

You have root access and you can configure your server software, for example, Windows Server. Thus, this solution makes it possible to have various possibilities of customization. Where then, you can call on a service provider. 2.3 Dedicated server The dedicated server means you are the only user on that server. Choosing dedicated hosting is probably the best. It will not create a slowdown in the loading time of the site’s home page. If other sites share the same server as you, then the traffic will not be the same during peak hours, which can happen on a shared server.

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