How to do project detection in the digital age?

Project detection is the backbone of every business. Whether in the world of B2B or B2C, project detection must comply with digital. Indeed, the use of digital tools is a real gold mine of information both in terms of its data and its processing. Initially, carried out through a telephone prospecting process, the detection of projects is carried out through commercial exchanges. Today the B2B universe is lagging behind from a digital point of view and traditional means of communication are still the most used.

project detection by telephone prospecting | Force More The rise of digital must now make it possible to meet various expectations such as the Bahamas Email List personalization of the offer. As in everyday life, B2B professionals are increasingly attached to this notion. From then on outright prospecting is no longer as effective, it is necessary to unearth the needs and personalize the offer. Today, we will ask ourselves how the detection of projects should be carried out in the digital age? Between traditional and digital means, project detection must be thought of in an omnichannel way.

Digital project detection

How to do project detection thanks to digital? This is the first question we will answer. The detection of projects via the web is part of a global strategy involving traditional and digital tools. With regard to digital tools, several possibilities are available to you for carrying out project detection. The first is that of CRM tools which make it possible to see customer needs, in particular via scoring . The concept of scoring allows you to give points to a person visiting your site. The more he visits your site, the more he will be interested in you. You will also be able to know his points of interest and thus offer him a personalized offer.

There is also marketing automation which makes it possible to generate leads and detect projects. This is part of the process at the same time as the scoring. Marketing automation consists of managing, automating and executing marketing actions. We can cite as an example the sending of personalized emails. You can use monitoring software that will scan the state of your market for you and see the opportunities. If you don’t use a monitoring tool, create alerts or use social networks. Today, more and more salespeople are using social networks for project detection. If we take the example of LinkedIn, it is possible to know the needs of a company and thus directly contact the decision-makers.


Social networks are a great tool for project detection

To personalize an offer as much as possible. However, a digital-only strategy cannot work. The human contribution in the customer relationship is and remains essential for the relationship, the experience and the customer satisfaction. Is the phone still the # 1 tool? Initially, project detection was only carried out by telephone. This was done by a process of questioning. The objective is to detect and qualify the project and the contact in order to obtain an appointment. Today with digital, these techniques are obsolete and must give way to a personalized approach.

Telephone prospecting in this sense sees its use being called into question in depth. Even if today 92% of interactions with a prospect are done by telephone, its use has changed. The contribution of digital has caused real changes as its primary function, that of finding the right prospect. Digital via all of its channels will make it possible to do all the preparatory work upstream of the call phase. That is to say, it makes it possible to:

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