How to generate qualified B2B leads on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful professional social network in the world. With its 500 million subscribers (14 million in France) and its 106 million monthly users (3.2 million in France), it brings together nearly 90% of B2B professionals. In comparison, you will find about 84% of professionals on Facebook and 87% on Twitter. This social network is therefore the most efficient at generating qualified B2B leads than all the other Armenia Email List social networks. For example, we can measure a prospect conversion rate of around 80%. In addition, the information found on LinkedIn is generally very reliable. Indeed, as soon as an individual experiences a change in his professional life, in his interest, will update his LinkedIn profile.
Before going any further, let’s remember what a qualified lead is. This is a commercial contract for which we have information that will allow us to estimate the potential for him to become a customer. We can then adapt the way of approaching it to be as efficient as possible with a high conversion rate. The advantage of generating qualified leads for your business is the saving of time and the increased efficiency of your actions. Indeed, by targeting qualified leads, you exclude all the people that your offer does not interest. Likewise, all people outside your target, your personas will be excluded. You will thus concentrate your efforts and your commercial discourse on people interested in your offer. Your conversion rate will only improve.

Generate qualified B2B leads manually

The personal profile is the central element of LinkedIn. This is indeed the page in which we will find all the information about you: your current position, your missions, your previous career, your profile picture, a description, etc. You fill in this information, so it is essential that you share it. It is particularly important to pay attention to the following points: Your profile picture, which has a direct impact on your credibility. It must indeed be of very good quality, relevant, serious, and if it is a logo, easy to remember. In addition, avoid changing your profile picture too often. It allows your contacts to remember you. It is indeed sometimes difficult to remember names, whereas a picture is more easily remembered.
 For example, a contact might forget your name but remember your profile picture. It would then be a shame to lose it by changing it too often. Your profile information, which should be as detailed as possible. By information, we mean everything that has shaped your career: your studies, your areas of expertise, your past positions, the missions you have carried out, your current position, your profile picture, a description that accompanies your profile, etc. The more complete a profile, the more confidence, and seriousness it inspires, two essential qualities in the professional world. By optimizing your personal profile in this way, you will make people want to follow you, to accept your invitations. Your contacts will want to learn more about you. Conversely, an incomplete profile or with obsolete information will appear inactive. No one will therefore see the benefit of following this type of profile.

Regular sharing of relevant content

Sharing content regularly on your LinkedIn account is essential to generate qualified B2B leads for several reasons. First of all, by sharing quality content related to your industry, you will gain expert status in your field. Having this status is essential to generate qualified B2B leads. Indeed, anyone who wishes to acquire a product or service will turn to an expert company in their field to provide it. In addition, by sharing regularly, the LinkedIn algorithm will increasingly value your publications thanks to the different interactions. This will improve the visibility of your posts. You will then be visible to more people and therefore potential new qualified leads.
Then, the more you publish quality content in your industry, the more notoriety you will gain. You will thus become a real influencer whose opinion counts and services are snapped up. Finally, the content shared on your account can be highlighted by LinkedIn Pulse because it is recognized for its quality. You will therefore gain visibility with a qualified audience, directly concerned and interested in the subjects you deal with. It is therefore undeniable that sharing qualitative content is a great way to generate qualified B2B leads on LinkedIn.

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