For several years, the notion of improving the customer experience has been in the spotlight. However, many structures find it difficult to combine the web and the customer experience. While companies easily understand the challenges of optimizing usual touchpoints, many companies are moving away from digital. Yet, at a time when almost all purchases begin with an internet search, improving the customer experience of a website has Ghana Email List become vital! User is king The first thing to consider in order to improve the customer experience of a website is that the user is king.

Even if all users are not clients, the notion of the king client must remain. This means that you have to think about the content of a website. It is necessary to take into account its accessibility and its functioning through the prism of the potential user. The goal is to have a UX and UI design approach so that potential customers can enjoy browsing your site. So you have to have a clear vision, which means you have to design personas! A modern site A company’s website conveys a certain brand image. The visual of a site is very important today. The user is looking for a dynamic, fast and clear experience. Having a site from the 80s / 90s will give you a business image that is not digitally oriented.

A site deemed obsolete will give the image of an aging company

Having a modern website where the user experience via UX / UI design will facilitate the implementation of your content. It will also be adaptable to all existing digital formats. It will therefore be responsive and you will increase your number of visits and you will drop the bounce rate of your site. The question of visuals is also a prism to be taken into account. A modern site must have dynamic visuals (photos, infographics) and give an innovative image. In this area, consistency and cohesion are essential. With a style that is the same everywhere, the customer will not be lost or forced to seek information. This will optimize the latter’s customer experience and help with the act of purchasing.

The concept of user experience and interface In the digital field, whether it is websites or software / applications, we very often speak of UX, for User eXperience , or user experience. UX brings together a lot of things: marketing, visuals, site architecture, but also and above all the interface . Credits: montparnas.comCredits: [/ caption] A customer’s experience while browsing your site is also determined by the design of the site’s interface. The site should be designed so that the user is naturally guided to what he is looking for. It shouldn’t need to be effortless otherwise it won’t stay on your site for long.

For this, the possibilities of interaction with the website must be clear

(Buttons that stand out, visible titles, readable texts, etc.) and the interactions themselves pleasant. Thus, keeping in mind that we design a site not for the company for the user, a site offering an optimized customer experience will always put the user before the message of the company! The contents All this is also achieved in the content of the site itself. The experience of reading the content of the site is decisive for the customer, whether it is a blog, a page or a gallery. To provide the best possible experience, care must be taken to ensure that the content is readable and ventilated. For example, paragraphs should not be longer than a few lines.

Likewise, the presence of attractive images related to the content of the article and supporting his point is a plus. products helps deliver an optimal experience. The forms improve-customer-experience-websiteWhat interests most companies are the potential contacts provided by their website. For this, we use the famous contact forms (also called CTA for Call-to-Action). These forms are so important for the conversion and management of leads that we have developed our own web contact forms . Then, once the form has been completed, the follow-up must be studied, and follow a rigorous process. You can do this using a lead management tool like our Lead Center . As you can see, there are many ways to improve the user experience on a website. While some changes are difficult to undertake without completely redesigning the site, there are plenty of optimizations you can implement right now!

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