How to Make a Beautiful Instagram Story to Involve Its Subscribers?

Where do the stories come from? ” We need this new Snapchat in 2013. At the time it was ephemera that disappeared when the recipient had seen . Stories have evolved, now we can watch them for 24 hours. In view of this growing success, many social networks have added this feature ! We can make stories on Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn! make a beautiful Instagram story In this article, we’re going to focus on Instagram Stories ! Instagram integrated Oman Phone Number List this functionality in 2016. The goal is to offer its subscribers (in addition to posts, IGTV, Reels, etc.) ephemeral content that disappears 24 hours after its publication .

These can be videos (15 seconds long with the possibility of making up to 4 at once) or photos. Why make great Instagram stories? Today, stories have completely become a habit! With over 500 million people per day using Insta Stories , this feature has been a huge hit! Used by brands, ambassadors, but also all users, to share their daily life or to promote products and services (for commercial purposes or not), it is a communication channel in its own right (you you might even find accounts where you only have stories posted (and yes!). It has therefore become important to create beautiful Insta stories to offer quality content. So how do you make a great Instagram story ?

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Jadéclo gives you its tips! MAKE A BEAUTIFUL INSTAGRAM STORY DIRECTLY FROM THE APP Use the different shots offered by the application What’s great about Instagram is that you can make compelling stories directly through the app . Thus, you have many tools allowing you to vary your stories: The “Creation” mode offers you funds to make stories with text. You can also add GIFS, fill out predefined templates (such as the quote of the day or a top 3 favorite accounts). The “Boomerang” mode allows you to highlight a very specific situation by going back and forth on the image.

The “Composition” mode offers you the possibility of creating a montage with 2,3,4… photos. The “Super Zoom ” mode allows you to zoom in on an element while adding effects. Use the different shots offered by the application You can also use the many effects or filters to change the tones of your stories. Use the stickers offered by Insta Instagram offers small functions that can be added in addition to your stories! Position: Tell your subscribers where you are: country, bars, restaurants… the goal is to share your addresses with your community!

The plus: you will appear in the stories of the place!

Question: Ask your followers questions and re-share the answers that are worthwhile. Insta stikers to improve your stories Poll: Pizza or Sushi? Dress or pants? Let your community choose for you! Quiz: Submit several answers and indicate the correct answer! Your subscribers will get caught up in the game! Countdown: D-2; H-3… do you have an important event to announce? So that’s what the countdown is for! Most ? Your community can click on it to receive an alert when the event starts! Awesome, isn’t it?The gifs: Animate your stories with small elements corresponding to your theme. Instagram also offers Gifs linked to significant events such as “Stay at home” or “Help our businesses”.

By using these gifs you express your support. Music: To make your stories more lively and / or add a little pep, put some music in the background. When you click on the music widget, you have several Instagram story music ideas appearing! You can also search your favorite music easily. HOW ABOUT USING APPS TO CREATE ORIGINAL MONTAGES? We agree, highlighting beautiful visuals is fun. This is why there are several applications allowing you to make cool little edits to make a beautiful Instagram story.

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