How to make a success of your commercial brochure

At first, glance, making a success of your commercial brochure is a strategic issue and accessible to all! But, it must be said that the task may be simple for some but designing a business brochure remains a perilous exercise. Indeed, communication advice for a successful sales brochure or presentation brochure should be taken into account to achieve effective and relevant communication support. Your identity and/or activity should be understood Dominica Email List at a glance…. In addition, this communication tool aims to present your activity synthetically. And your products and services to potential customers.

Also, the commercial brochure is most often used as part of a prospecting operation or as a business card. And we use it as much in B to B as in B to C. This implies, that it must mention basic information such as your phone number, postal address, your social networks, or your website. And besides that, the visual aspect must position the brand image of your company with the layout, the visual identity, the graphic charter. And the same goes for its various marketing messages. But beware of the mandatory legal notices for all of your print communication.

On that, in this article, we explain how to create an effective sales brochure?

And how do you make it successful? How to design the creation of your company brochure? First of all to design the creation of your presentation brochure, it is necessary to master several key points. So here are the fundamental points to respect: First of all: Define the commercial and communication objectives of this medium. Second, do a mini competitive intelligence to study how your competitors communicate about their products. Then the selection of design and colors: if you have not declined a graphic charter (yet). As well as the choice of visuals and images, for the illustration of your brochure. As well as the layout and formatting of the company brochure, to be developed using a mock-up. Finally, printing & delivery of print jobs.


For the rendering to be of optimal quality, you must apply its key points to your plan: In the design of the creation of your company brochure, a rule must also be applied so that the project is as relevant as possible. This is the 5W rule: Who: Who? Who are you? or Who are you targeting? What: What? What do you propose? Why: Why? For what needs? Where: Where can we find them? or Where are you located?

When: When? When are your product and service accessible?

sales-brochure-extern-market The graphics and design of your print project Also in a print communication project, the graphics and design of your brochure are supposed to define or represent you. For this, we speak of visual identity. The visual identity of a company or brand is a bit like its graphic identity card. This is what will make it possible to recognize the brand without even reading the name. The visual identity includes: First, the name. Secondly, the design. Then, the logo. Then the colors. But also, the typography. Finally, the layout and format of commercial brochures (A4, A3, etc.).

Your document should contain short sentences so that at a glance the customer understands your industry. And all of its elements will be written in what is called a graphic charter. In other words, the graphic charter is the document that brings together all the different elements that define the visual identity. The graphic charter must be followed in all the projects you undertake, whether it is the creation of a website, flyers, a logo, or a company brochure. The document must be easy in terms of reading level, it must be able to be read by everyone.

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