How To Make An Instagram Guide?

As you will have noticed, Instagram never ceases to surprise us with new features such as Instagram reels . At the end of November 2020, we welcomed the Instagram guides, you have surely seen them pass in the Stories or Direct of your favorite accounts. So what is this umpteenth Instagram novelty? The Instagram guide was designed to be “both a source of France Mobile Number Database inspiration and reliable information” (source: Instagram ). What exactly is it? This new format allows you to group multiple posts that talk about the same topic into one piece of content.

Then you can use it to share recommendations, tips or advice to your audience. In addition, by clicking on an image, your subscribers will be redirected to the original post. Introducing the new Instagram feature: Guides. If you want to do the same, you can entrust the production of your guide to a communication agency . However, if you want to do it yourself, discover without further delay how to make an Instagram guide from A to Z. STEPS TO FOLLOW TO CREATE INSTAGRAM GUIDE: The Instagram guide is a good way to diversify your content, but also to boost the visibility of your publications.

To achieve this, follow the steps below:

First, you need to log in or register for the platform. Yes, if you don’t log into Instagram you can’t create a guide. So more seriously, once logged into your account, go to the top right of your profile and click on the little + , at the top right. 2 | If you are used to posting regularly on Instagram, you will know the “create” window. Here you select “Guide” . Tutorial creation of an Instagram guide. 3 | We hope you already know what type of guide you want to do, because this is where you need to make your choice. If not, don’t panic. You have the choice between 3 types of Guide :

Discover exceptional places Do you manage a city page or are you simply passionate about travel? Choose the location guide to show your subscribers your best destinations . You will then be prompted to search for the location in question and choose images taken there. Creation of an Instagram guide. Share your best products Want to share your tips or your wishlist ? Select the “Products” guide and search for the products or brand you want to recommend. Indeed, the “product guide” will allow you to share your best accessories, clothes or restaurants.

Highlight your publications or those you like With Instagram Guides

you can also share a post that inspired you with your audience. You can also highlight several of your posts to group together content on the same theme. 4 | You now land on the page allowing you to create Instagram guide . You can start by choosing your cover photo . Then, you have the choice between writing or not, an introduction for your guide . And you continue by adding a title to each selected item as well as descriptive text . The steps to follow to create an Instagram Guide. 5 | Once you’ve finished composing your guide, it’s ready to go.

By clicking on the share button at the top right of your guide, you can share it as a story or in Direct. If you’re not sure what kind of guide to make, take inspiration from the example Instagram Guides below. The steps to follow to create an Instagram Guide. THEY GO TO INSTAGRAMS GUIDES To inspire you, here are two sample guides. First up, here’s a guide made by @zalandofr , in the run-up to Christmas. They have used this format to promote their products: Example of an Instagram guide created by Zalando.

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