How to prospect abroad through emailing?

Emailing is often perceived as an obsolete marketing channel, wrongly. Indeed, its use is generalized, even privileged, in particular in the B2B sector. For example, in B2B, 4 out of 10 people open their emails within an hour and two-thirds within 3 hours. In addition, its use is very interesting because of its almost zero cost, and it’s very good ROI, especially concerning prospecting. Thus, the majority of companies use it on a daily basis, both internally Aruba Email List and to communicate with their customers or prospects. In fact, it is very interesting to opt for emailing to prospect abroad. However, there are certain rules to follow in order to optimize this practice and benefit from more positive results. Here are some tips for prospecting at

It may seem obvious, but it is important to remember it: by exporting your activity abroad, you will reach a new target. So what is the majority language spoken by this target? It is indeed essential to think about this point upstream, in order to adapt all of your communications (including your emailings). It is indeed possible to meet several scenarios: Your target belongs to the French diaspora, in which case you can keep your original language. Your clients are natives of the target country, so it is essential to adapt to their native language in order to prospect abroad.

Define a language for prospecting abroad

You set up in several countries simultaneously. You must therefore ask yourself the following question: is it better to standardize your communications by using English for all, or is your target cautious about communicating exclusively in English, it is therefore important to communicate in the language? a native of each country? This type of questioning may seem obvious, but really essential. Indeed, prospecting abroad through emailing can be very effective, but only if you address your target in the right language.

What budget should you plan for prospecting abroad via emailing? Emailing is one of the cheapest alternatives for prospecting abroad. Some costs are still to be expected, here are some: The price of the chosen emailing tool. This price will basically depend on the number of contacts you want to reach each month. The possible purchase of a database if you do not have any contact on-site initially. However, this method is not recommended for several reasons. First of all, since the GDPR regulations were put in place in 2018, your database must be opt-in. This means that each of the contacts in the database must have accepted that you send them commercial e-mails. In addition, this type of cold e-mail can harm you with a high spam rate.

What tools to use to prospect abroad by email?

Whether you use email to prospect abroad, or even in France, the tools are essentially the same. Indeed, whatever the country in which you wish to send emails, opt above all for a solution that you are comfortable with. Indeed, today the best-known software market as MailChimp, Sarbacane, MailJet, or SendinBlueare all available for use in France or abroad. However, opt for the multilingual version which will allow you to customize each of your email templates to the country to which you are going to send them. This option is usually part of the paid version of the software but will save you time and efficiency.


In fact, in B2B, 69% of recipients place an e-mail in spam emails only when they read the sender and the subject, without reading the content. If you have a high spam rate, your emails won’t even be delivered to people who want you to write to them. This practice is therefore to be avoided, the consequences being very heavy for your business. However, it is possible to build your own e-mail database. Indeed, there are freely accessible online directories. All the e-mail addresses listed in these directories can therefore be used to prospect abroad by e-mailing. Obviously, these addresses should be used with care, cold e

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