Many people take Jobs as their idol and aspire to be an excellent product designer, impressing users with unique ideas and exquisite designs. But the creativity is rare, and they will also encounter bottlenecks and be stumped by Switzerland Phone Number the requirements of Party A one after another. Sometimes even if you rack your brains, you can’t get inspiration from looking at relevant media materials.

Customers are also difficult to adjust, and the situation of inconsistent feedback often occurs: some people praise it; It is not only convenient and practical, the interface is beautiful and atmospheric, but also the performance should be optimized…Is there any room for improvement?

Clear order

For a designer with a confused mind, the products he designs must be illogical, so designers should learn to sort out design ideas. When developing a product, there are Switzerland Phone Number only three things that guide your design direction: business goals, customer needs, and functional requirements. So you need to pay attention to:

Modernist design master Massimo Vignelli once said in his book “The Principles of Design” that clear design intentions will breed concise design results, and complex and confusing designs often reflect the complexity of the designers behind them. think. Therefore, whether the design idea is clear or not determines the final effect of the product.

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Task oriented

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The digital products we design must focus on the task itself. A useful app must remind the customer current operation is and what related operations can be Switzerland Phone Number completed, so as to help him solve the problem and increase user stickiness and usage rate.

The goal of product design is to provide a solution to a specific user at the right moment. Designers will achieve this goal through product iterative improvement.

Some designers and programmers believe that products should be flexible and try to meet the needs of all customers. This kind of thinking is actually quite wrong. Meeting everyone’s needs will incur endless pressure on you, consume too many resources, and end up with a lot of money. Therefore, don’t give up your original design for the sake of one or two customers.

A good app has a specific audience. Who will pay for your product? “Getting Real” produced by the 37 Signals team once mentioned: “Those who buy your products, they see not only the quality, but also the solutions provided by the products, and the insights the products reflect on the industry and society. “Designers should develop corresponding Switzerland Phone Number features and functions around the needs of the audience. Don’t adjust it if it’s difficult to adjust. We should focus on paying attention to the needs of paying users and build our own customer network. As for those sporadic small users, after meeting the requirements of key customers, we can properly listen to their opinions, but we must also realize that there are other products in the market that can meet their needs, and there is no need to blindly please them.

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