Are you one of the best writers when it comes to conversing with other people, but when the guideline comes with the acronym B2B, you have a hard time? Don’t worry, it’s normal to have some doubts when you have to write business-to-business content, but remember: companies are made up of people and you’re good at talking to them!

However, if you want to fill yourself with knowledge about how to write for B2B, write down these tips that we bring you and become a more complete writer.

Think “client to client”

Before you start writing, you need to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Who do you want to serve with that content? Who are the people in that business? For example, if you are writing for an advertising agency that has other companies as clients, who does UK Phone Number that agency want to associate with? With marketing! In marketing, how do people use to consume information? What kind of language is accessible to them?

In the same way, if you write for a consulting company that provides services to other companies, you need to evaluate who are the people who received that content. Managers, directors, CEOs and other professionals who have a more corporate focus. In other words, the tone of the company has to change to capture the attention of those people and make them interact positively with the content.

Explore the client’s website and blog

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To understand what kind of content the customer expects, browse the company’s site, pay attention to the language used, area-specific terms, and the solutions the company offers its customers. That information can be used as a hook throughout the content to direct readers to the company’s site and help with conversion.

Also visit the company’s blog (if it has one) to understand how the client converses with the public. Is it formal or informal? Do you use a lot of data and statistics or do you share tips and experiences? Similarly, even if you were not asked, identify some articles already published that can be linked to your content, to generate more traffic for the client.

Internal links are important and keep visitors longer on the blog, increasing the chances of conversion.

Know the business and the sector

How are you going to talk about agribusiness if you haven’t read anything about it? What about family wills? If you want to be a good web writer for the B2B audience, you have to invest your time in learning more about the sector in which the client operates, who is their competition, who is their target audience and what are the challenges and opportunities of the market. Only with a good amount of knowledge is that you will be able to write quality content that brings real results to the client.

Feel part of the company

After knowing the company and the way it communicates with the public, you can already feel like you are part of it, right? And if you are part of the company it is easier to write for a B2B audience.

By assuming the personality of the company, you create a closer dialogue with the reader, you know how to highlight the differences of the client and attract the attention of your public to your products and services without being too insistent.

You also know the formalities and technical details of the industry, allowing you to connect more personally and create a positive environment to do business quickly.

Use the indicated references and a little more

The referrals you receive are the starting point for beginning content, but you shouldn’t rely on them alone. There is a sea of ​​information on the Internet and you have to know how to use it to create increasingly complete and updated content.

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