Organize Your Account

in fact, define how you go on to succeed in the future. Start by breaking down your products or services into solidly defined categories that have strict limitations, . And then base your account structure on those.


  • High-level Campaigns – High-level campaigns should represent larger categories in your business. These ads should be your main products or services, or at least the largest components within your back catalog.
  • Low-level Campaigns – Low-level campaigns, on the other hand, represent a smaller, more specific range of products or services. In essence, these ads Cambodia WhatsApp Number List should encompass the more unique products in your arsenal.

Indeed, the more focussed, specific, and unique your ads are, the more people you can reach, whilst separating your products into high and low categories helps to spread your business more widely.

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Pick & Match Your Keywords

Most Google Ads experts live and die by the keywords they choose to try and rank for. Moreover, you want your keywords to be as relevant as possible to your products, especially if you want them to trigger a reaction and lead a potential consumer to one of your landing pages.

A keyword planner can help you to generate a sample list of keywords for your campaigns, however, it’s hugely important to do your own research and target keywords that have low competition but an extremely high search volume.

In addition, Google Ads lets you further refine your keywords and what they show up for on Google through the help of ‘Broad match,’ which serves up your ads for a range of searches, be it someone who’s searched for your keywords but in a unique order, or for a related term that does not necessarily encompass your key phrase.

From negative match to exact match, choosing and matching your keywords, when done right, could help to catapult your ads to the next level.

Build & Optimise Your Landing Pages

Speaking of landing pages, it’s vital you build these with your Google Ads in mind. Your landing page is where potential customers land after clicking on your ad. So it’s important to make it relevant to your ad and keywords so to help users locate what they’re looking for more quickly.

One thing is for certain, usability should be at the forefront of every decision you make when building your landing page.


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