However, the Priest Valentine Refused to Comply With This Rule

And he continued to celebrate love by continuing marriages. Another legend would have it that February 14 is the date of the beginning of the mating season for birds , which would start singing and cooing while quietly awaiting spring … The Jadéclo idea: In order to engage your community, offer your subscribers or followers to comment on your post by indicating the most beautiful thing they have done for love. To conclude : And there you have it, you now have all the Portugal Phone Number List tools in hand to prepare your monthly events thanks to this February 2022 chestnut tree! And if you haven’t already done so, quickly consult Jadéclo’s 2022 chestnut calendar , where you will find all the events of the year not to be missed!

Improve your SEO with YouTube for business YouTube for business isn’t just a video showcase tool. It is a real marketing tool that improves the SEO of your business on Google . For this, as on all your social networks, you will have to complete your information so that users can identify you, but also, consult your website or your social networks. Thus, you must prepare your YouTube channel for optimal SEO , that is to say: Put the link of your website in the description and at the level of the cover with the highlighting of your social networks. Make accurate descriptions of your videos of around 300 characters .

The Goal Is for Google Bots to Be Able to Determine What’s Going to Be in Your Video

Include links to your website to support your words. Add tags and keywords to your videos. Work on your thumbnails to increase click-through rates. Note: to increase the visibility of your videos, you can promote them. EVALUATE YOUR CHANNEL’S PERFORMANCE WITH YOUTUBE STUDIO Like any communication tool, being able to evaluate your performance is essential to understand what you need to improve , and with YouTube for business, you can. For this, you have free access to YouTube Studio where you can consult many statistics. On the dashboard , you will have a general view of your channel with your statistics for the last 28 days, i.e.

the following elements: Evaluate your channel’s performance with YouTube Google Analytics Your number of subscribers A global idea of ​​views and viewing time of your videos The 3 most watched videos Comments under your videos (you can / must also reply to them) By going to the “analytical data” tab, you will find more in-depth data that will allow you to have precise information on the viewing of your videos such as: The coverage of your videos: with impressions, click-through rate per impression, number of views, unique viewers, traffic sources, but also the average video viewing time The engagement of your videos Audience: gender / country / age With YouTube Studio, assess your impact to find areas for improvement to increase your visibility.

in Addition, Thanks to Your Statistics, You Will See That They Are Your Videos

that work best in order to offer identical content that will appeal to your listeners (for example, depending on the engagement of your audience, the viewing time, etc.). For this, you can analyze your statistics according to a segmentation proposed by the platform or you can customize the period to be evaluated (which can go up to the 1st day of the creation of your YouTube channel). To help you, writing a newsletter is like tasting a piece of the donuts you just made to make people want to buy the whole package! The Jadéclo Council : do not hesitate to seek inspiration from others! Pinterest is a mine of ideas and will help you create your own template! How to use Pinterest for business?

Jadéclo answers you! DO NOT FORGET IN YOUR MAILCHIMP EMAILING Creating a newsletter with MailChimp requires a few essentials. The subject of your newsletter should make you want to click The subject of your newsletter is clearly the first thing your reader will see in their inbox . It is in a way the title of your newsletter that will make you want (or not) to click and see what you have to say. It is therefore important to attract your customer to your nets in a smart way . Several solutions are available to you : Tease your audience : you have to say it without saying too much! Make you want to click by making a little suspense.

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