If the customer experience is clouded by product design issues

the design team should take it to heart to resolve them for the next release. Solving problems therefore often requires an organizational change: setting up a new team or assigning new tasks to teams in place. How to become aware of the difficulties of your customer experience? You probably already know the answer: by asking the question to the main stakeholders! Customers should therefore be surveyed on a regular basis to ask their opinion on the Sierra Leone Email List products. We must therefore consider an ongoing relationship with the customer. The authors of the article list three types of customer behavior: – past behaviors : they capture the result of a recent experience; – present behaviors :

they make it possible to understand the state of the customer relationship and to collect data on the past as well as on the future – potential behaviors : the aim is to understand the next steps in the customer experience and to collect the questions to come. understand-hbr-customer-experienceSource: HBR. [/ caption] We can see from the table above that the data collection is not to be taken lightly: you have to think a lot about the regularity of the collection, but also about the form and the manner! One last important point to understand the customer experience Last important point on the customer experience.

It is necessary that the whole company is centered around it

And that it becomes a priority. Everyone must therefore get their hands dirty: – marketing must circulate information and adapt its communications; – the product development team should review how the products are used and improve the experience; – IT must set up CEM data collection systems and integrate them with CRM data; – human resources must put in place training and communication strategies to promote understanding of the role of CEM in decision-making processes. The article ends with these words. Customer dissatisfaction is everywhere and, because customers are becoming more and more powerful, extremely dangerous. ” That was in 2007.

It can easily be said, and this is not the first time we have talked about it in THINK & SELL, that modern customer journeys can no longer pretend to forget that the customer is aware, educated and savvy. The digital revolution that has been going on for several years has changed the way customers consume, and companies must reorganize themselves properly to cope with it. Already, in 2007, the reorganization of part of the company was advocated by the authors. Today, perhaps the entire sales organization must be reviewed to adapt to this new reality. If you liked the article, do not hesitate to read our articles on Think & Sell ? Do you want to be supported in your improvement process to increase your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information.

With this information, it will be possible to know exactly where he is in the course

For example, an airline’s application can automatically display a boarding pass when the passenger is at the airport. A hotel can send a text message containing their room number to a guest when they enter the door, then use the application to unlock the door. Customer journey innovation Last skill to acquire, and probably the most complex, innovation. You have to have the ideas to constantly improve the existing customer journey by adding new features. These new features add value to the customer journey, which thus becomes essential for the consumer.

So directing customers to a taxi business from an airline’s app can improve retention rates. The service will be extended simply because the app becomes so convenient that it becomes indispensable. Competitiveness and customer journey: the practice Of course, this change of perspective sees the customer journey as a product in its own right. And it necessarily leads to organizational changes. The authors recommend hiring a “product journey manager”; This will be in charge of the customer journey as a whole, supported by a team dedicated to innovation. The customer journey should become part of the brand just like the product. It is a source of added value in its own right.

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