According to Raúl Ávila. professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University. “the advantage that Colombia is located in the center of the continent allows easy access to Central and Latin America.” Lastly. don’t forget to bet on innovation and more so now. because a few days ago. Colombia climbed six positions. ranking number 65 among the most innovative countries in Latin America. according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. 4. Trends The world is changing and so are businesses. therefore. it is essential to be up to date with the latest trendsat the business level that are coming for this year: Telecommuting Every day there will be many more companies that point to teleworking.

Since it has been proven that productivity increases in people who carry out their work under this modality. According to this. and if you have plans to implement it. a good option is to start with certain areas of your business and do it gradually. in addition. you will reduce costs in your operations. Service and more service Due to the competition in the different business sectors worldwide. the service continues to position itself as a fundamental pillar in the purchase decision. this will be the difference for a person to decide to buy from your company and not from another. Therefore. work hard in this area and measure the reputation of your brand.

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So you will know what people think of Argentina whatsapp number list service. your brand. and in this way you will be able to retain and attract new prospects. Mobile World Definitely the growth in the use of mobile devices is a theme that continues and will continue to be present this year. Keep in mind that the generated content is displayed in a responsive way so that you can provide a good user experience to your current and potential customers. content marketing It is essential that you generate valuable content for your customers. different content that engages and that allows you to convert that information into prospects and why not. into closing new businesses.

Argentina whatsapp number list

In fact. keep in mind that not everyone has an internet connection yet. or there are simply people who prefer to search on paper because they are used to it. Remember that print directories are available to consumers regardless of internet or power connection limitations . Its ease of consultation is one of its most important advantages since. It allows obtaining the desired information quickly and easily. In fact. IPSOS found that printed directories are the most remembered medium. When searching for business information: 97% of consumers have it in mind when. They need to obtain information about addresses and/or telephone numbers of companies. products or services.

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Local marketing is renew One of the most important. Advances we have seen in local marketing is the implementation of actions based on geolocation or geo-behavioral . These types of strategies are develop depending on the exact location of each client. Thus. if a person is walking down the street and is for lunch with his cell phone. He will find ads for pizzerias near where he is. He will even see offers specially design for consumers who are located near the stores. So they can take advantage of them immediately. It is about offering the user alternatives based on their location. Specifically. Google estimates that 20% of searches are link to location.

In these cases. users consult the because of the speed and ease it offers to carry out searches. But also because it allows them to search for options that respond to the current location. That’s not counting the location-based Yellow Pages ads that appear in Google. Which appear when someone is searching for a nearby option. And finally. keep in mind that local marketing is often use by small businesses. Looking to make an impact on a specific audience segmented by location. It is more useful and profitable to invest in a campaign focused on nearby potential customers. Instead of trying to target a large group of people who are not within the geographic area of our interest.

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