Stanhope Insurance is a specialist insurance provider. It supplies a range of insurance offerings, including policies that cover non-standard properties to high-value homes, watch and jewelry collections, as well as life and private medical insurance. The Challenge An SEO audit conducted by their team highlighted the opportunity to add additional trust signals and improve the usability of the page. The CRO team was appointed to scope out the project. bugherd-campaign-dan-2022 Due to the nature of the product. There is a lot of information to convey to the user resulting in. Service pages that are particularly rich with content.

Whilst informative Impression knows

From CRO best practices that when pages are text-heavy. It can be overwhelming for a user Vietnam Phone Number and make it. Difficult for them to digest and navigate key sections on the page. A key challenge in the insurance industry is building credibility and trust with the end-user. With this in mind, they wanted to explore adding additional review widgets to the service pages. Stan hope challenged Impression to optimize the layout of the page. Based on their recommendations in order to allow users to navigate easier. Build trust and ultimately improve conversion rates.


The Strategy Once they’d installed

Vietnam Phone Number

Their testing software, VOW, onto Stan hope’s website, Impression went ahead and identified the top 3 visited service pages that they should use for the basis for the test. Next, Impression began the development of the test by making the following changes to the pages: changeable-in-page-campaign-social-commerce-2022 1) Adding another Reviewer widget into the hero banner of the page, allowing them to better showcase the 5* rating for Stan hope Insurance 2) Adding an additional call to action further up the service page to encourage warm users to complete their journey to “get a quote” 3) They added a block containing links to the different sections of the page.

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