Impressions Of Amazon Sponsored Products Are Down: What Are The Implications For Advertisers?

Last month, demand for online orders in the United States and Canada exploded, forcing Amazon to immediately invest $ 500 million to bolster its workforce to more than 175,000 workers . This is not the only change made by the marketplace: Amazon’s online advertising platform continues to operate normally, although its data fluctuates significantly . Amazon Sponsored Products Impressions Drop Analyzes Since the end of March, advertisers on Amazon in the United States have been experiencing a downward trend in the number of impressions Israel WhatsApp Number List of their Sponsored Products due to the changes that the marketplace has recently included in the algorithms that govern its advertising platform.

It is important to note that this trend only affects Sponsored Products , the behavior of other ad formats has not been affected by these changes. While impressions are down, the number of clicks remains constant , causing the CTR of these ads to increase to almost double the number of clicks that ads reached before this update. As traffic to products has not changed, advertiser results have therefore remained stable . However, most of the lost impressions come from ads placed somewhere other than the top of the first search page. Amazon’s advertising platform update highlights the importance of auction distribution for Sponsored Products based on their location in the Marketplace.

It Is Now A Decisive Aspect In The Design Of Campaigns

in order to obtain better control of the investment. PILAR MARTÍNEZ , SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM GROUP How do CTRs behave by type of location? The performance of Sponsored Products will largely depend on their location in Amazon’s advertising platform. Thus, the ads located in the rest-of-search have the worst CTR rate compared to those placed in the product or top-of-search pages. Moreover, if we compare the latter with the rest-of-search placements, we see that the CTR of the ads is multiplied by 20 in the case of the top-of-search and by three in the product pages . Here are the main characteristics of each location: Top-of-search :

Ads appear at the top of the first two pages of the platform’s search engine results. This position has a higher price in auctions because the best positions are usually awarded to the highest bidders. Products that appear on the first search page accumulate a CTR of 67% of the marketplace’s total. Product Pages : This term refers to Sponsored Products that appear on product description pages, as well as in all non-search locations. Normally, these pages perform 10 times lower than top-of-the-search ads, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting for campaigns designed on the Amazon Advertising platform.

Rest-of-search: These Are The Products That Appear In The Central Part

and in the lower part from the second page of results. Amazon does not allow changes to the results of this location, so it is a good idea to place your bid first and then make changes in the other two available locations to adjust the results of the established strategy. Optimization by placement in Sponsored Products campaigns In light of the results analyzed after the Amazon Advertising impression plummet, we can conclude that there is no cause for concern . Decreasing impressions lead to an increase in CTR, since click behavior remains stable.

Introducing changes to Amazon’s advertising platform is a constant. Advertisers who take them into account more quickly in their campaigns see a substantial improvement in results. PILAR MARTÍNEZ , SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM GROUP However, advertisers must adjust their campaigns and be attentive to optimizing their strategy based on placement: increasing investment in top-of-search currently generates a higher volume of clicks and, therefore, higher expenses. Given the current volatility, being able to count on an expert partner in Amazon Advertising makes it possible to guarantee satisfactory results during campaigns on the platform. In this sense, Labelium’s experience as a global e-retail agency is a guarantee for advertisers thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the platform and its concern for results.

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