Improve your reputation abroad thanks to digital

Finding new customers is undoubtedly the most difficult task when developing internationally. Indeed, any company establishing itself in a new market must make itself visible in order to build a new reputation. In some cases, it is possible to rely on the notoriety acquired in one’s country of origin. In other cases, when the markets are completely independent, the notoriety acquired at the national level will not be able to help to develop internationally. It, therefore, seems essential, when you want to export your activity, to ask yourself how to improve Comoros Email List your reputation abroad? The best way to do this is to put in place a marketing strategy. Therefore, two options emerge: opt for a traditional marketing strategy (offline) or for a digital marketing strategy (online).

The second option offers a significant advantage: a much lower cost. In general, but all the more in the context of an export activity, money is the sinews of war. Indeed, companies will not spend large sums in a market that has not yet proven itself. In addition, adopting an export web marketing strategy is an excellent way to improve your reputation abroad for various reasons. This allows you to quickly reach your target, large geographic areas and better understand the behavior of prospects. This strategy also offers the possibility of monitoring the performance and the ROI of each action. Dedicated costs are thus precisely controlled.

In this article, we will discuss the means to improve your reputation

Abroad thanks to digital. Web marketing levers to use to improve your reputation abroad In web marketing, we can distinguish two main media on which we will be able to act: his website his social networks In both cases, it is possible to carry out free and paid actions. On his website, we can indeed set up an SEO (free) and SEA (paid) strategy. Regarding social networks, the creation of traditional publications is obviously free. Disseminating advertising is also possible, as is calling upon influencers in its sector, which logically pays off. Whether on its website or on its social networks, combining free and paid actions is very relevant. This will indeed allow synergy between the platforms and will boost the performance of each of the levers.

However, it is important to carefully select the channels on which to position yourself. Thus, we are talking to the right target, in the right place at the right time. The relevance of the content produced is thereby increased, but also the perception of the seriousness of the brand. Indeed, by speaking to its target via the appropriate channel, the message will make all the more sense. The visibility and notoriety of the brand will therefore be positively impacted.

Optimizing your website to improve its reputation abroad Development of an SEO strategy

Generally speaking, SEO techniques are the same nationally and internationally. It is indeed essential to be visible on the search engines used by prospects to improve its positioning and visibility. These two points are the keystone of the acquisition of new customers thus ensuring the viability of a market. Even though Google dominated the global market by 90% in 2018 , it’s important to know which search engines are used the most by prospects. It can in fact be an international search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) or a national search engine: Baidu in China Yandex in Russia Naver in South Korea etc. To assume that Google is used widely all over the world would be wrong and could result in total failure.

In addition, even if Google is the main search engine used in the target market, getting your website listed on national search engines is essential. Thus, the site dedicated to France will be indexed on, while that dedicated to Spain on Then, from an SEO point of view, it is very important to create content in the language of the target country. As this is a very long job, it is relevant to create content that will bring real added value. We think for example of a blog, an FAQ, product sheets, etc. This work is considerable and very time-consuming. It is therefore better to prioritize an important market from a business point of view and optimize it as much as possible, rather than launching into several markets simultaneously and not having the time to optimize them all.

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