In 2015, Société Générale Organized A Competition Asking Its Subscribers

To retrieve the clues hidden on its various social networks. Then to take a selfie in front of one of their poster. And for the participation to be validated, the competitor had to post the photo on his own social networks with the dedicated hashtag. Instagram Connexion: Knowing how to create contests remains a profession Organizing a competition of this Swaziland Email List type is not easy and requires investment on the part of the community manager . Use it to announce the release of a new product or service to an already responsive community. Under these conditions, this idea of ​​a competition will allow you to boost your brand’s proximity to your community.

Practical guide to organize Instagram contests Why set up Instagram contests? The main reason is to support and consolidate the objective of your community management strategy. Whether your goal is to gain followers, stimulate brand enthusiasm or even spread awareness of a new product, it is in your interest to stimulate your strategy using Instagram contests . What are the main steps to follow? First, determine achievable and concrete goals. Then also set up key performance indicators to measure their success. Then define all the prerequisites for the competition. Who will relay it? And what will be the gain and the conditions for obtaining it? Choose a hashtag dedicated to the contest, the start and end dates, etc …

Above all, be clear and transparent about the rules of the game!

Indeed, there is nothing worse than creating frustration in a customer who did not understand the conditions of the game. During the contest, be reactive and relay it on your other social networks. Of course you can also relaunch it in Instagram Story . Once the contest is over select and announce the winners. Please note, this announcement must be made in accordance with the terms previously set out in the regulations. And yes, we will avoid as much as possible the Bad Buzz on your competition. Finally, measure the impact of your action using the indicators put in place.

But also, and above all, draw written conclusions. This will allow you to measure the evolution of the performance of your contests over the long term. Who organizes the Instagram contests? No matter the size and industry of your business, organizing an Instagram contest is within your reach. If you have a communication service, it will be the role of the community manager to set up this type of game to animate your community. Otherwise, appoint a member of your team in charge of managing and organizing the game. You can use influencers who are used to setting up Instagram contests .

At this level, they will know how to highlight your brand

To increase its notoriety. But beware of the bad buzz : choose your instagramers with taste. And be careful that they stick to your brand image. So remember to follow it along with your game. The last solution is to use a web agency , which will allow you to benefit from the expertise of a professional. What if I have been in contact with a loved one who has tested positive for COVID-19? #Stay home In this case, it is imperative to isolate yourself. And this for two weeks minimum. Taking such a step will protect your loved ones. Then, you must limit your outings as much as possible.

And don’t forget to apply what are called barrier gestures (wash your hands regularly and for at least 25 seconds but also by coughing in the crease of your elbow). Then, regarding your health, be sure to take your temperature at least twice a day. Finally, if you have symptoms of covid-19 disease , here are the recommendations to take for everyone’s safety: From now on, screening for COVID-19 is no longer systematic. Only people said to be at risk and showing the first symptoms of the virus will be likely to be screened after consulting your general practitioner.

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