In B2B, LinkedIn, of course, is the market leader

Otherwise, the geographical area is not necessarily the main criterion. The industry, on the other hand, will matter. For example, GrabCAD brings together the largest community of Once the most relevant social network (s) have been targeted, it is important to regularly create content adapted to its target. Coherence between the different markets is essential. Indeed, if a company is present in several countries, and it opts for a social media Lithuania Email List strategy in each of them, its content must be both adapted to local expectations, but also consistent according to the brand image that ‘she wishes to convey. In fact, it is preferable to opt for a single visual identity, applicable on all social networks and in all markets.

The development of an editorial schedule is therefore essential in order to ensure this consistency. Finally, to improve your reputation abroad, it is important to interact with your community . Indeed, respond to comments, shares, mentions, etc. will improve both visibility and brand image, but also brand awareness. Adopt an SMA (Social Media Advertising) strategy In parallel with the management of your social networks, as we have just seen, it is very relevant to combine an SMA strategy. This strategy will make it possible to increase both the visibility and the notoriety of the brand , but also its credibility and its brand image.

In addition, ADS has the advantage of costing

Less than a more traditional marketing action. It is also possible to choose the budget devoted to this strategy. As in the previous step, it is important to target the social networks on which you will adopt this strategy. Once again, you have to target those relevant to your market and in which your target is present. In addition, by being present on 3 social networks for example, you can only select one for your SMA strategy. Thus, by being present on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, we will be able to choose to orient our SMA strategy on Facebook and Instagram with Facebook Ads. Snapchat will therefore be used as a simple social network without advertising. Finally, two options clash concerning the implementation of an SMA strategy: internalization, which allows you to control your brand image, achieve economies of scale and monitor your KPIs more precisely.

use an external agency that offers advantages such as better control of the budget or the target market by the specialist agency. It is indeed interesting to know the local chestnut trees, the calendar of regional events, or the specific subjects of each country, the way to address a specific community, etc. Move towards influencer marketing Using export influencer web marketing allows you to more precisely target the desired target in the country in question .

By calling on one or more influencers

The brand will benefit from better visibility, which will improve its reputation abroad. There are several types of influencers: micro influencers with a community of less than 10,000 subscribers and a high engagement rate meso influencers whose community is between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers with an average engagement rate macro influencers with more than 100,000 subscribers and a lower engagement rate Depending on your objectives, the audience to target and your budget, it is important to choose the right type of influencers. By opting for a micro influencer for example, a smaller but more qualitative community will be targeted. It will thus be composed mainly of potential prospects.

Conversely, a macro influencer will reach more people. On the other hand, some of its subscribers will not be at all interested in the offer offered by the brand. To choose the right influencers with whom to collaborate, there are several techniques: go through a matchmaking agency go through a marketplace look for influencers who use hashtags (#) relevant to the brand to promote It is also possible to monitor local competitors and target the same type of influencers. Before signing any contract with an influencer, it is important to check their reputation outside of social networks.

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