In what may be the coldest winter of this century, we fervently ask:

Humanized organizations can only be small and In overwork times beautiful, and efficiency, discipline and 996 can AOB Directory achieve lofty goals? How does an enterprise become a responsible and sustainable enterprise, and how does an individual behave in it?

Netflix has its own answer, or rather: a more benign possibility. Excellent employees + open trust can form a virtuous circle full of imagination.

It has completed a thousand-fold expansion Afghanistan Phone Number in 20 years, and created classic series such as “House of Cards” and “Black Mirror”, ranking among the world’s top five Internet giants FAANG… Behind Netflix’s solid talent cornerstone, as well as a unique and even anti-common sense management philosophy, A Netflix cultural brochure once went viral.

Recently, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed his management secrets for the first time in his new book, No Rules Rules.

Freedom and Responsibility: No Mediocre Loyalty and No Talented Bastards

How did Netflix make its fortune?

2000 was the era when DVD rentals ruled home entertainment, Netflix was a small company, and it hit the Internet winter. The founder, Hastings, once ask AOB Directory the disc giant Blockbuster to acquire it at a valuation of $50 million, but the latter refused, thinking the offer was ridiculous.

The shift was dramatic, streaming took off, and people stopped renting DVDs. Twenty years later, Blockbuster has been on the verge of bankruptcy, and now there is only one store left in the world; while Netflix has expanded nearly a thousand times, and its current market value exceeds 200 billion US dollars.

culture: only recruit the best employees and give them the highest salary

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

Bill Gates once said that an outstanding programmer is worth 10,000 times as much as an average programmer. This is the “rock star principle” in the Silicon Valley tech world .

Paying the highest compensation in the industry is at the heart of a high-performance culture. Netflix will always favor only the best talent, especially AOB Directory in positions where innovation is decisive. If the employee’s work is only competent, then they should take the money and leave; and excellent talents are worth 10 times the salary.

For great employees, a great work environment doesn’t necessarily mean a fancy office, gym, and free lunch, but rather being surrounded by talented, collaborative people who keep you going.

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