A threat or opportunity for the business. it is vital to gather all this evidence in a SWOT matrix to summarize the analysis. Step 2: Goal Setting Once the situation has been analyzed. we will be able to realistically define the business objectives. contextualizing them within the frame of reference provided by the previous point. In this step the idea will be to define some objectives. but not in any way. This is where the SMART technique for defining objectives must be kept in mind. Basically this tells us that an objective must meet 5 characteristics. among which are: Be specific ( S pecific ): An example would be to increase sales of a certain product by 15% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Measurable (Measurable ) : that allows us to base ourselves on indicators or figures to contrast it. for example. against previous years or the data of the competition and know if we are on the right track or not. Achievable : Ideally they should be defined by consensus. Realistic ( R ealistic ): It must be within our possibilities. Limited in time (Time – limited): must have a fixed term to be achieved. The foregoing makes the marketing plan a document that we have to constantly refer to to know if it is yielding the expected results or. on the contrary. we must make adjustments and take contingency plans if things do not go as expected.

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Step 3: Definition of strategies and Azerbaijan whatsapp number list In this section of the marketing plan. each of the strategies and tactics that will allow us to achieve the objectives that we outlined in the previous point are detail. For example. if one of the objectives is to increase distribution levels. selling through the internet could be one of the strategies that we could carry out. To get it up and running. we could leverage the multiple e-commerce sites that exist (such as eBay. OLX or Mercado Libre). create our own store or do both. From there. other necessary actions would emerge so that the strategy could be successful. such as taking good photos of the products (which is essential for this). generating traffic to the site (for which things such as SEO or inviting people to visit it through ads is essential).

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In this link you can download a useful guide that will allow you to do it). The important thing here is that this will allow us. according to the strategies and tactics that we define for each objective. To create a calendar or schedule with each of the activities that must be carry out to launch the different initiatives. Of marketing that we must carry out. All of the above while assigning people responsible for each task. Note: try at this point to include the calendar or schedule of important activities. dates. Events or seasons that you should take into account throughout the year and that you can capitalize on.

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Allocate resources Depending on the complexity and the impact they may have in terms of results. There will be strategies that will require more or less resources and will affect the budget to a greater or lesser extent. Even though it is not necessary to have the exact data of. What each thing you need to do within the plan may require. It is necessary to have an approximate one in order to allocate resources. Follow up To know if the marketing plan is giving results. It is not only necessary to monitor the different indicators that we have defined according to the objectives that. We have set for ourselves and contrast it with previous periods (or against the data of the competition if possible).

In case things are not going according to plan (for example. Budgets differ greatly from the real cost of carrying out an activity). Or unforeseen events or eventualities that arise in day to day they require it. To learn about other important aspects that you must take into consideration regarding your marketing plan.  We invite you to learn about 8 essential components that you must consider in relation to this tool. Although we live in the digital age there are still certain things that are reluctant to leave our hands. The business card is one of them because it is still a key element.  When it comes to establishing links with potential customers and partners and generating the so-called networking .

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