3. Increase Dwell Time On Your Website

Another way small businesses can benefit from video marketing is to increase the dwell time of visitors to their websites. Forbes even mentions that, on average, a netizen spends 88% more on a website.

In case you are not familiar with dwell time, it is the duration a consumer spends on a website before closing the browser window tab.

If you want your visitors to stay that long on the website, you better create high-quality and relevant online videos to keep them engaged and entertained. You can expect Australia WhatsApp Number List more of them to come back to watch more of your online videos if they have found them enjoyable.

4. Increase The Likelihood Of Customers Buying Your Products

The most significant benefit that small businesses can benefit from video marketing is to nudge their customers to make a purchase.

90%of customers said watching online videos has influenced their shopping decisions, according to Forbes. It is not surprising since a short online video can give more valuable information than product descriptions.

Customers will be able to see what they are about to buy before making the final decision, which is not impossible since an online video can contain everything, from different angles of the products to their usage.

Demonstrating all of them can entice customers to buy now rather than later.

3 Tips For Creating A Quality Video Marketing Campaign

If you decide to include video marketing as part of your business strategy, follow these tips:

1. Add Subtitles

Adding subtitles helps viewers understand more of its content. When some parts become inaudible for them to hear, added subtitles can help them comprehend the video content.

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Guarantee that when adding subtitles to your online video, the text color is not similar to the color of the background. Otherwise, the subtitles will become unusable as they are unreadable.

2. Keep The Video Length Short

Since people nowadays are used to the fast pace of life, they become impatient when the online video they are watching takes so long to finish.

In that case, stick to  30 seconds to 1 minute if you plan to entice people to watch your online video on Facebook or other social media marketing platforms for your business.

3. Be Real

TikTok and Reels became so popular to everyone since it showcases the reality of everyone. When creating an online video for your business, keep things real. Stating the facts with no sugar coating words will help earn the trust of your customers.

Lights, Camera, and Actions!

There is no doubt that online videos are one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, based on the data presented.

While video marketing trends are ongoing, use online videos to your advantage by incorporating video marketing into your business strategy to broaden your reach and increase sales.

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