Indeed, Going Through the Cloud Requires Very Energy-consuming

Round trips between servers and users. Therefore, favor local storage, directly on your computer , in order to access your files more easily, while reducing your energy consumption. And if your computer starts to run out of memory, consider using an external hard drive to save your documents ! To conclude : The fight against digital pollution is still in its infancy and is likely to continue for several decades to come. Nonetheless, some internet giants have Paraguay Phone Number List started their transition, which may prompt other companies to do the same. Through the report drawn up by Greenpeace, we can see that these net giants, Apple, Facebook and Google, have switched to 100% renewable energies to power their data centers .

Today, nearly 20 new companies have joined the movement. Among them, we find IBM, Microsoft and HP. But the NGO would like to see other key players in the sector, such as Netflix, Amazon or Twitter, also make this digital transition. However, you don’t have to be a company as big as Apple or Amazon to be able to tackle digital pollution. Each company, on its own scale, can take actions to reduce its environmental impact. These actions can result in regular cleaning of their mailbox by each employee, by calling on a green electricity supplier for office energy or by installing a responsible search engine! And you, what actions have you put in place to fight against digital pollution in the office?

This Internet Censorship in China Has Therefore Made It Very Complicated

If not impossible, for the American giants to enter the Chinese market. The latter are therefore absent from the Chinese digital landscape, thus creating both a void and an important development opportunity for local businesses. This is how the BATX were born. But although the Chinese GAFA were created directly in Asia, they must also strictly follow the censorship rules orchestrated by the Chinese government . For example, Baidu must abide by government-imposed rules to protect its reputation and influence. Thus, on all websites that directly attack the government, Baidu must decide to remove or ban the content in question.

Real growth prospects But although they must comply with the rules of censorship, the Chinese GAFA do not intend to stop there, on the contrary! As proof, the annual growth in turnover of Chinese BATX is much higher than that of their American counterparts. In 2017 and 2018, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi saw their turnover increase by more than 50%, and Baidu by 28%. Although they are experiencing more than positive annual growth in turnover, in terms of market capitalization, the BATX in China are still behind their American competitors .

Alibaba and Tencent Are Playing in the Big Leagues With Market Valuations

Between $ 300 billion and $ 400 billion, but still lag behind their respective rivals, Amazon and Facebook. Baidu and Xiaomi meanwhile are valued on the stock market at less than $ 100 billion. In terms of market capitalization, Chinese gafa are lagging behind their American counterparts! But the spectacular growth of BATX, while their American competitors face a slowdown in their development, bodes only positive for these digital leaders in the Chinese market. To conclude : “When China awakens, the whole world will tremble. ” Napoleon might have been right. The Chinese GAFA, in full expansion, have not ceased to surprise us and have more than enough to shake the American internet giants .

Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi are determined to conquer the Western Empire and thus reverse the digital landscape as we know it until today. Threatened, the GAFA will have to react and learn to renew themselves, under penalty of seeing the show stolen by new actors, more ferocious than ever, the BATX. And the latter have already started their conquest! Xiaomi operates a very aggressive commercial strategy across Europe , offering quality products at discounted prices, and has even already started to open its own points of sale in France, Spain etc.

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