Influencer Marketing: Old Concepts, New Dynamics (Part 2)

Finding the Right B2B-Influencer and Best Practices If you want to convince others of your high-quality service, credibility is the word. However, this cannot be bought, nor is it given to you. It takes a lot of effort to make your company credible towards your critical clients. Working together with the wrong influencer can ruin well-established credibility within Belgium WhatsApp Number List minutes. So, it is also in your interest to find someone who is not doing it just for the money, but is also familiar enough with the kind of products you sell. A good influencer needs to be someone who wants to be a spokesperson for your brand and is willing to invest time in learning more about your company.

This quote, made famous by Scottish-born scientist, entrepreneur and founding father of the American Telephone and Telegraph company Alexander Bell, fits for the case of influencer marketing. Before you reach out to any possible influencer to cooperate with, you should first set rules of engagement. One thing you need to go through in advance is setting goals. What do you want to achieve with your influencer campaign? Is it brand awareness or should it lead to more sales? Do you want more people to engage with your brand on social media platforms?

What Kind of People Would Be Suitable for Your Influencer Campaign

where to find them? Finding the right person can be a challenge, but there are some logical starting points. You can start with thinking about well-known people in your field, like successful entrepreneurs or prominent speakers at exhibitions. Which influencers are branding products similar to what you are selling? How does this person advertise products or services? How is this person talking about the company he is cooperating with? Or, maybe most importantly, how do they talk about competitive offers? Here are some ideas that have proven to be successful: Journalists Journalists are always a good choice. Firstly, they are knowledgeable, or at least eager to learn more about new developments in their field to enhance their own expertise.

Plus, they have the skills to convey information in a compelling way. Additionally, successful journalists already have a large audience, or are looking for ways to expand it. Chances are big that your fellow competitors and your future clients are also familiar with at least one research journalist who writes about developments within technology, internet and science. For these reasons journalists can be great mediators and are most certainly an option to consider for your influencer campaign. Previous or current clients Clients can give great and detailed testimonials about working with you.

Positive Feedback Is Always Nice to Get, but When Used Strategically

this might be one of the most convincing ways to appeal to new clients. The B2B-world is vast, but due to globalization and the internet, business networks are getting bigger and bigger. Using words of appraisal from someone you worked with is a very strong and believable marketing tool and is particularly strong in strengthening your brand and reaching out to new customers. People that work for you This is known as ‘Employee Advocacy’ and basically means that your employees actively brand your company. Research has shown that this kind of influencer marketing can be extremely successful and cost-effective, and it can lead to 561% more organic results.

Moreover, authentic company content that was posted by employees on their private social media accounts had 8 times more comments, likes and shares in comparison to posts that were published by the company itself. Employee advocacy is not only a way to do marketing, but also to deepen the relationship between the company and its workers by making them feel more valuable. It is likely that your employees will turn out to be your most enthusiastic brand ambassadors. The Do’s & Don’ts of Influencer Marketing – Best Practices “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

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