Influencer Marketing Will No Longer Hold Any Secrets for You!

Since social networks have become so important in our daily lives . How did influencer marketing take its place as a leader in the new marketing strategies put in place? What are the impacts of this new form of marketing? And how is it evolving? So many questions to which Jadéclo, your digital communication agency, answers you! a new form of communication has taken root in our society . What started out as a “game” or a means of entertainment for Croatia Phone Numbers List people, has now become a real business where you can make a lot of money.

For about a decade, the profession of influencer has appeared on social networks and blogs and has had a huge impact on the way brands communicate. WHAT IS INFLUENCER MARKETING? To understand the world of influencers, this new 2.0 profession, you must first understand three main terms: influencers, influencer marketing and sponsorship . What is an influencer? He is an opinion leader present on social networks. Many subscribers follow his activity, so he has “an audience” with whom he communicates every day. He is a prescriber of trends who, by talking about subjects he loves, is able to affect certain behaviors and therefore becomes an essential lever .

Thus, Well-known People From Reality Tv, Actors or Sportsmen Are Considered

to be influencers. In any case, their subscribers trust them for certain brands . Most often, influencers are “normal” people, like you and me, who want to share and give their opinion on social media. In other cases, thanks to their large audience and their greater or lesser fame , certain celebrities can also be considered as influencers. and follow them because they find themselves in them or because they like them. We can even say that they live by proxy the life of influencers, their travels, their purchases, the events in which they participate … etc. In fact, many people dream of their life, so they are greatly envied for their lifestyle, which seems idyllic. What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that puts influencers at the center of the communication strategy . The influencer becomes a real prescriber and offers an increased visibility rate for brands . Generally, everything starts from a passion, a lifestyle or a hobby, they attract a very specific community sharing the same interests or values. What is sponsorship? An influencer is sponsored by a brand to talk about a particular product . That is to say that he receives money in exchange for the visibility of this product in question on his account.

Whether in the Form of an Instagram Post, a Story, a Blog Article

a YouTube video or a presence at an event, the influencer highlights the product or service asked for the benefit of the brand. Influencer marketing: a new communication strategy How does it work? As influencers are often specialized in a particular area of ​​predilection such as sport, fashion, lifestyle or family, but also travel and video games, brands just have to target the one that suits them and that will help them reach a specific audience . To find the influencers who are right for them, there is a watch job to do first. There are two main solutions available to brands for this: Contact influencers directly on social networks .

Instagram reached one billion users in June 2018. It is the second most visited social network behind Facebook . Brands can also go through influencer marketing platforms that bring together several influencers according to their areas of predilection. These influencer agencies put brands in touch with influencers who correspond as much as possible to their requests. We can cite among them Shauna Events for example. influencer marketing uses, in particular, influencers on Instagram Collaboration between brands and influencers can take different forms.

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