Instagram Feed Apps: Our Top 6 for Top Feed!

Have you ever wondered how influencers go about having a harmonious Instagram feed with colors that go well together? Probably ! But did you know that it is possible for you to have roughly the same rendering? Today, there are many Instagram feed apps that allow you to edit your photos to create your own universe. But then, which ones to choose? Instagram feed apps To help you out, we’ve provided our selection of free and easy-to-use apps on your Singapore Phone Number List to create a real brand identity for your Instagram. GIANT SQUARE: CROP YOUR PHOTOS IN A SNAP Giant Square: cut out your photos With the Giant Square app , divide and cut your photos into equal sizes . Vertical, horizontal, panoramic photos…

There are many possibilities available to you. With the free version, divide your photos between 3 and 9 squares (up to 15 squares with the pro version). The advantages of the Giant Square application: A free version offering a lot of possibilities Upload photos directly to your library And if not, how much does it cost? To go further, 4 packs are available: ✔️To remove either the “made with Giant Square”, have 6 more squares or remove the ads you must pay 1.09 € each per month ✔️For all three, it will cost you 2.29 € per month UNUM:


With the Unum app , organize and preview your Instagram feed to get a global overview. The goal is to create real consistency in your feed! The advantages of Unum: Connect your Instagram account and it updates as soon as you post a new photo (this allows you to have an overview) Possibility to publish your photos directly on Instagram via Unum (manually) An “edit photo” option is available directly on the app (effects, cropping, orientation, adding text, etc.) A “statistics” tab allows you to evaluate your last 20 posts (number of likes, followers, the best # …)

Apps for Instagram feed – unum And if not, how much does it cost? With the free version, you can add up to 18 photos to organize your feed. To have a larger grid, you will have to switch to the pro version. The price: the “Select” formula at 5.49 € per month and the “Elite” formula at 7.99 € per month. ENLIGHT PIXALOOP: ANIMATE YOUR PHOTOS Applications for Instagram feed: animate your photos with Enlight Pixaloop With Pixaloop , transform your photos into mini-videos and animate specific elements . For example, in the photo of a beach with palm trees, you can animate only the sky, the sea or even the branches of the palm tree.

Why animate your photos?

This will allow you to bring your photos to life with cool effects to look at, but also to grab attention . This is because on Instagram you usually scroll through your news feed quickly, offering animated posts like a “mini movie” will catch the eye and people will spend more time on your posts. The advantages of Pixaloop: You can adjust the animation speed You have the possibility to c hange only the sky of your photos The application allows you to put zoom and shift effects It is possible to add animated layers like water drops, diamonds, butterflies …

Many export choices (original, portrait, landscape, square …) And if not, how much does it cost? You have free features allowing you to animate your photos in a simple and efficient way. If you want to have more features, Pixaloop offers you several price brackets: ✔️1 month at 3.99 € ✔️12 months at 1.74 € / month, i.e. a total of 20.99 € ✔️Definitely buy the application for 64.99 € ✔️(You can test the pro version free for 3 days) ADOBE LIGHTROOM: EDIT YOUR PHOTOS LIKE A PRO With Adobe Lightroom , edit your photos in their entirety . Cropping, modifying saturation, temperature or even light, Adobe Lightroom is the perfect application to create a harmonious feed.

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