Instagram Reels: the New Feature That Competes With Tiktok!

Have you also seen these mini clips circulating on social networks? And yes, today video is used more and more to communicate and convey messages. This is a new way of consuming news ! Short, attractive, humorous … it allows brands, products, people to be highlighted in a given time. To be even more concise, a new video format has emerged in recent months: short videos intended to entertain subscribers! This novelty is due to TikTok! In record time, many users started shooting and posting (usually funny) videos, for example participating in Italy Phone Number List challenges or making imitations! We all remember the “Toosie Slide Challenge” where we had to reproduce the dance from Drake’s new music video.

The growing success of these small videos has pushed the giant of social networks, Facebook, to implement this new feature on its Instagram platform: Instagram reels ! 3,2,1… Are you ready? Jadéclo, your com agency specializing in digital communication tells you everything you need to know about Instagram reels. INSTAGRAM REELS: WHAT IS IT? Recently, Instagram has added a new feature: Instagram reels (reels, which means “bands” in English)! These are short videos of 30 seconds max, made up of a single video (or multi-clips) that can be edited and improved with effects (offered by Instagram), music, animations …

a wide choice is available to you to personalize your videos

and why not, create a buzz! The new Instagram feature that is a hit: Instagram reels This new video format is published in a new section which has just been launched! Videos can also be shared in your feed as a post, story, private message, or explore. All means are good to ensure that your video is visible and distributed to a wide target. WHERE DO THESE MINI VIDEO CLIPS COME FROM? TikTok is the first platform offering its users to highlight videos ranging from 3 to 60 seconds! With more than a billion downloads worldwide ( according to Sensor Tower ), TikTok has become THE network to publish its videos and put yourself in “funny” situations : play-back, imitations, challenges, animals put.

forward… millions of videos are filmed around the world every day. Instagram reels: mini clips like on TikTok! Faced with this growing success, Instagram saw a new way to promote its application with the creation of the “Instagram reels” feature which has many points in common with TikTok. After a first phase of testing in Brazil, France (like Germany) can finally test the new functionality that competes with TikTok ! WHY USE INSTAGRAM REELS? Instagram reels have the same features as TikTok but allow (in addition to posting videos) to boost your Instagram account .

Indeed, it is an additional way to make your account visible

to produce content and therefore to reach a larger audience (with new spaces dedicated to reels). Instagram already has its users , with nearly a million active users every day, Instagram is the network where visuals are featured! The video format is already highlighted thanks to the stories but also with the appearance of IGTV. The reels are therefore quite naturally part of the evolution of this network! Instagram could not miss this craze! Already offering many features , Instagram wants to be THE network on which users can do everything : posts, IGTV, stories, shop…

The goal is for users to stay on the application as long as possible! To conclude : So, are you going to get started with creating Instagram reels? We tested and we totally approve! This is a real added value for your account but also it allows to distribute even more content to your subscribers. easily create color combinations using online graphic charter tools Color Hunt: Choose from pre-built color palettes! Color Hunt is a free platform that allows you to find color inspiration among thousands of trendy combinations. This tool is particularly simple and fast: you have absolutely nothing to do, except your choice. Plus, there are new combinations on offer every day ,

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