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To find out more: [email protected] Author: Valentin Fourier – SEO Consultant at Labelium, Philippe Morin – Founding Partner at Ando Factory, Fanny Borocco – E-commerce Consultant at Ando Factory The special characters “| “,” – “and”, “will then help to separate the elements making up your title in a natural way: [Brand Name] – [Product Type] – [Feature # 1] – [Feature # 2] – [Feature # 3] Sony & Amazon Bullet points Being like the title of your Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List product page a criterion of relevance, the bullet point list is also an important ranking factor. It is recommended to write an efficient bullet list, respecting the following rules: Ideally, write a maximum of 5-6 bullet points , highlighting the best attributes of the product to convince internet users Start each bullet with a capital letter and don’t use punctuation at the end Mention the main feature / functionality in the first bullet point.

Favor simple and clear sentences, precisely describing your product, and insert keywords if possible Include detailed information, e.g. color, size, dimension, etc. Illustrate the added value of your product that sets it apart from similar products. Do not mention discount offers Sandisk Amazon Product Description First, ask yourself who your product might appeal to so you know exactly who you are talking to. Then you can tailor your style to your target audience. Don’t assume that people don’t read your product description in detail. In this part, you can explain the specificities of your product in more detail, while respecting the following rules: Write a description of around 2000 characters Structure your text in paragraph, using the

Tag To Expand The Description And Thus Make It Easier For Internet Users To Read

Formulate one main idea per paragraph and put important words in bold Include the searched keywords Emphasize the advantages / benefits of your product more than the features Avoid repetitions, subjective adjectives (“better”, “more beautiful”, etc.), special symbols Scholl Description Depending on the type of product, it also seems possible to write a description with illustrations. These illustrations are all the more interesting if they show your product in action, which will allow the visitor to easily understand its usefulness. More description Scholl How to optimize your images to sell on Amazon? Any listing on Amazon must have one or more images in order to show the product.

One of your photos is said to be “MAIN”. This is the one that will be presented by default to the user and that will be used as the highlight thumbnail during the user search. Images are a real selling force on Amazon. For this reason, they must represent your product in its real aspects as well as some recommendations given by Amazon: Images must have a white background Images must be square in size with a minimum dimension of 1000 x 1000 pixels in order to be eligible for zoom The main photo must show the product and not be an illustration or a montage

The Product Must Fill At Least 85% Of The Image Images Must Be In Jpeg

TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) format The products must not be represented in their packaging No image of nudity It is also recognized that 3D videos and product images increase sales. In your backoffice you will have the possibility to assign an image as being the “main” and define the order of appearance of the additional images. Imagen on Amazon Manage your comments well on the product sheet Ratings on Amazon The comments on your product sheet are extremely important. First of all, 85% of users consider comments to be as important as recommendations from a family member .

In addition, they are taken into account in the Amazon ranking. Indeed, Amazon carefully monitors comments, they allow it to identify bad sellers who will then be “punished”. In order to improve your reviews, you should: Correctly describe your product and its features without making any false promises Respond to negative feedback (whether to apologize or give details of the transaction) Invite happy users to leave comments Managing your keywords in the Backend, a determining element Last point and as mentioned previously, you will have to enter keywords in order to specify the domain of your product and thus make it appear on search results. You have at your disposal 5 lines which you will be able to fill with 50 characters maximum.

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