Interview with the Creator of Confined Marguerittes “The Solidarity Drive of local producers during confinement”

Discover through this interview with Jocelyn, creator of the solidarity drive , how, thanks to a solidarity and voluntary initiative, an E-commerce drive site was created allowing traders and local producers of the village of Marguerites (Gard) to continue their activity during containment. An E commerce drive platform for local solidarity commerce And if you like this solidarity trade initiative , don’t hesitate to like the Solidarity Drive Facebook page Moldova Email List by clicking on the “I like this page” button on the insert opposite. And don’t forget to support our small traders and local producers by buying their products.

Hello Jocelyn, you stood out from the start of the confinement by your solidarity project “Confined Marguerittes”, can you explain the concept to us in general terms? Hello. From the 1 ers days of confinement, we have become aware of problems of supply necessities. The people of Marguerittes quickly turned to the open-air markets. Immediately closed, given the difficulties in meeting the health precautions imposed by the risk of epidemics. The population quickly turned to drives from supermarkets, the organization of which immediately proved inadequate in the face of the large influx of customers. Sensitive to security problems in the context of my professional activities, the drive appeared to me as a good answer to respect barrier gestures.

At the same time, I noticed that merchants

Traders found themselves disorganized in the face of large demands. And often done by phone. In addition to managing their procurement, they found themselves dealing with time-consuming inquiries. But also deliveries that are not necessarily optimized in their planning. So the creation of a drive with a complete catalog of products made it possible to respond to all these new constraints for merchants and their customers. For example: fewer phone calls, supplies controlled according to demand, ease of organization of deliveries, secure withdrawal of goods in store by avoiding peak hours.

During the # Covid-19 health crisis, producer or merchant whose commercial activity remains possible offer their products for sale on the Solidarity Drive “Marguerittes Confinée” Great project! How did you come up with the idea of ​​such a solidarity concept? Being in solidarity is part of my personality. There are several ways to express solidarity. And mine consists, among other things, in providing digital and marketing tools to audiences who do not have access to them. In this project, two populations are targeted by this solidarity. First, the inhabitants of my town forced into confinement.

As well as local producers and traders whose activity must be supported

Not being a professional in the field of the web, I did not have the capacity or the will to monetize the implementation of the Marguerittes Confinée solidarity drive platform . This choice facilitated the deployment of the solution which was carried out in a few days (and nights). And by minimizing, of course, the legal constraints, without circumventing them. Can you quickly tell us about yourself? What’s your CV? Your professional experiences? What are your skills in the web, e-commerce and new technologies? After having obtained a DUT in “electrical engineering” then having obtained a license in marketing in the 90s, I started out as an antennist craftsman.

Technological developments and the birth of digital services have led me to specialize in pay TV systems. At the same time, my hobbies were running blogs, designing websites and setting up online stores for associations in which I am. My current profession is electrical project manager for SNCF, working in particular on the implementation of digital solutions based on IoT (connected objects) for the realization of “Smart City” projects integrated into railway stations. Are you the one who integrates all the merchant data? Yes, these are long tasks, which forced me to take a few days of leave during confinement. Supporter of the least effort, I succeeded in creating some tools which facilitated these operations.

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