IoT and chatbot for customer relations

The customer relationship is today at the heart of all commercial and marketing strategies of companies. New technologies such as IoT and chatbot are recognized to be the engines of the customer relationship of tomorrow. But can we associate them? Knowledge and improvement of the customer journey must go through all the existing communication channels. Thanks to the data obtained, it is now possible to gain valuable information to understand the Poland Email List customer journey. IoT and chatbot by their technologies allow this and therefore to refine its strategies.

In addition, IoT and Chatbot are experiencing an explosion in their respective markets. The IoT market in France weighs nearly 230 million and is 3.782 billion euros worldwide. That of the chatbot reaches nearly 30 billion across the world. This technology is expected to reach 1,000 billion dollars in 2024 and will save nearly 8 billion dollars in customer relations in 2022 worldwide. So let’s see how IoT and chatbot can strategically help improve customer relations. IoT at a glance IoT (Internet of Things) or IDO (Internet of Things) in French can be defined as a concept on the materialization of internet flows in the real world.

That is to say, an object can connect and transcribe information to support you

This term therefore concerns all existing connected objects. Through home automation, IoT makes it possible to control objects remotely. We can take as an example one of our customers who sells a system of photovoltaic panels for heating. They use home automation in their systems so that their customers have full control over their installations. Another example is connected watches that allow you to know your state of health in real time. The IoT can be accompanied by sensors that enter cyber-physical technologies. These technologies are found in electricity distribution networks such as Smart Grid technologies . Within the framework of the industry, the IoT can be materialized by tools allowing the optimization of production and stocks.

It is a tool allowing total control of production which allows to operate on a just-in-time strategy. The IoT consists of artificial intelligence and has recently been used in certain stores, particularly those of Amazon. Amazon opened at the end of January 2018 a cashless supermarket where the IoT system via connected objects is highlighted. The future is therefore in the use of connected objects of IoT technologies as shown by statistics. There are different types of systems involving IoT which are: Identification that allows each object to be authenticated and collects information

The sensor to improve the capabilities of a device Connection

Between different systems Integration for internal data dissemination Information processing for decision making And the Network from online data Chatbots for customer relations. An increasingly popular tool, the chatbot simplifies many customer relationship tasks. Whether for prospecting, after-sales service or questions and answers, a chatbot can respond to all of these requests. A chatbot strengthens the customer relationship through its functions because it provides a real strategy for customizing demand. This market trend is based on pushing information to a specific person. The customer relationship market relies on personalization so that the customer is at the heart of marketing strategies.

But what to do when he always wants more personalization and speed of exchanges? The solution is found in this tool and those for several reasons: The first is the fact that a chatbot is made up of weak artificial intelligence. Its system which is developed by humans follows a path of pre-established reasoning which are computer scripts. A chatbot therefore makes it possible to respond quickly to a customer’s question while processing data. Secondly, a chatbot aims to respond to a request without leaving the web channels. What is today a small revolution in customer relations since we can have a clear and concise answer in a few minutes. However, a chatbot has limits, is that it is not able to respond to all requests. It all depends on the script it has.

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