It consistently and make this part of the organization’s culture. Therefore. always remember that a pleasant workplace. as basic as it may sound. is capable of generating a great impact on your employees and. of course. on their performance. Reinvest in your company In order to become the great engines of the economy that they have become. Japanese companies have been very clear that in order to become large they needed to reinvest a large part of their profits and postpone profits for as many years as necessary until they achieved consolidate. In this way. unlike what happens in cultures like ours. where as soon as a company begins to give benefits.

The first thing that is done is to distribute the dividends and leave what is left over for the company (in case there is something left). in Japan the benefits can be seen only several years after starting a business. As a lesson. this tells us that if we want to grow and make our company something great. we must sacrifice profits and benefits in the short term to have much better benefits in the long term and to be able to generate them year after year. Make discipline part of the company culture In Japan there is a famous saying: “discipline will sooner or later overcome intelligence”. Therefore. more important than being smart is being disciplined.

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In other words: intelligence is the fruit Brazil whatsapp number list being disciplined. 7. Be consistent with your company’s mission and vision While for many companies in cultures like ours. the mission and vision are a simple statement that is not usually given much importance. in Japan one of the secrets of the success of organizations lies precisely in being consistent with both. So that beyond a simple statement. both the mission and the vision assume great importance within the business. making it revolve around both things. Hence. each decision that is made must be consistent with the reason for being of the company and with the vision that it has of the future. Give importance to punctuality Unlike what happens in countries like ours. where there is usually greater flexibility and tolerance in some things. including punctuality.

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In Japan this is an aspect that is not usually negotiable. especially considering the great importance they give to discipline. From a productivity point of view this means that every second counts. Therefore. if you want to maintain important levels of efficiency in your company. giving greater importance to punctuality is vital. 9. Worry about professional training For the Japanese. As important as the professional training of people. are the values and the personal part. Therefore. it is not only necessary for you and your employees to worry about growing professionally. Through training and attending events or courses. Also in this sense. providing spaces for personal growth and cultivating the being through workshops focused on this area.

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Is critical to having an integrated and motivated work team. 10. Try to get your employees to share the same organizational philosophy. Part of the success of the Japanese as a society lies in the fact that everyone. Or at least the vast majority. Shares the same values and principles in relation to life and work. Therefore. if you also want to be successful as an organization. Making your employees identify with and share the same values of your company and its culture is absolutely essential. With the beginning of the new year come resolutions. goals and plans. In terms of marketing we want to improve results and find more effective mechanisms to achieve objectives.

But to achieve this. it is essential to take into. Account the market situation and the changes in the behavior of the audience . These are factors that will influence our work and we must be prepare for it. We have compiled the most important trends that we will see during 2017. Analyze each one of them and ask yourself: is my business prepare to face this situation? What can I do to improve my ability to respond to this scenario? Instant messaging applications land in marketing strategies. It is no secret to anyone that instant messaging mobile applications are all the rage. And although WhatsApp is the undisputed queen . with more than 1.000 million users worldwide.

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