Is Selling Your Products on Amazon Profitable for an E-commerce?

Indeed, it is not enough to pose a flow; it is often necessary to activate the ads part. Advertising costs are then added to the sales commissions. If we want to compare like with like, between Google and Amazon, we often see an advantage for Google in terms of CPC but a large advantage for Amazon in terms of conversion rate . Suddenly, you can get equivalent advertising COS or even better, or even much better on Amazon than on your own site. But if we Egypt WhatsApp Number List integrate sales commissions, it becomes difficult to achieve identical profitability between the leading marketplace in France and the purchase of traffic to its own site. Two things must therefore be considered in order to make a good decision:

Use platforms for their benefits It is not indeed a question of making ads for the entire catalog on Amazon (just like on Google Shopping for that matter). Some products are more profitable on its own site, others will be more profitable on Amazon in fulfillment by Amazon format. In addition, pricing management may be different between platforms depending on the competition (fight for Buy Box). The global COS (integrating marketing and sales commissions) can therefore converge between the two solutions

Fully Integrate the Benefits of Diversification Positioning All or Part

Of its range on marketplaces does not only meet a growth objective. Other strategic advantages should be taken into consideration: Reducing your dependence on a single ecosystem or the arrival of a new competitor can turn everything upside down. Stay in touch with marketplaces and Amazon in particular, whose annual growth is insolent and much stronger than e-commerce in general. Improve the performance of your investments on Google :

we notice that the multiplication of contact points improves the performance of each lever. In conclusion: do not judge the profitability of a lever without looking at the big picture and find the right mix in operational marketing to take the best of both worlds . Do not hesitate to contact me to continue the exchange. Jerome Keloghlanian , Founder Ikom – Labelium Group

Does the Supplier Offer One-on-one Training, Online Support

video tutorials, etc.? How much time does your team need in order to exploit the full potential of the tool? Additional options and features . Additional options such as the task manager or automated reports can save you time and lower your labor costs. If you are looking for more information as to the selection of the appropriate SEO tool and up to the needs of your business, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone at +33 9 81 92 59 67 or by email to the following address

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