Jeff Bezos – CEO and founder of Amazon “If you want to be successful on the web. you have to do things that offer consumers an incredibly higher value proposition than the traditional way.” Among so much competition it is essential to deliver added value to the customer. Find your differential and stand out among your competitors. Seth Godin – Entrepreneur and marketing expert “Don’t find customers for your products. find products for your customers.” Understand the needs. fears and expectations of customers and instead of offering them a product. offer them solutions. It is a way to gain confidence and facilitate the purchase decision. Joel Anderson – CEO de Walmart “You can’t just open a website and expect it to be flooded with people.

If you really want to be successful. you’re going to have to create traffic.” Plan a strategy to generate page views . Update your site regularly. don’t neglect social networks and optimize your website. Meg Whitman – President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard “Communications are at the heart of e-commerce and the community.” Generating links with the audience is essential to have a successful Internet sales strategy. Cultivate bonds. interact and stay close to your audience. Mark Zuckerberg – Co-founder of Facebook “Nothing has more influence on people than those recommendations they receive from friends they trust.” It is estimated that 77% of online shoppers rely more on the opinion of friends or relatives before making the purchase decision. Many of these opinions come from the web and social networks.

To Attract The Attention

Jack Ma – Founder and CEO of Alibaba Belize whatsapp number list You must learn from your competition. but never copy them. Copy and die.” What customers will see in your business is your ability to innovate and offer them something of real value. Copying your competitor is not only a bad business practice. it will be the path to failure. Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft “If your business is not on the Internet. your business will be out of business.” It is the golden rule of business today. If it’s not on the Net. no one will see it. And if your business is completely virtual. think beyond your e-commerce page and offer valuable content. Paul Graham – Co-founder of Y Combinator “You can’t expect customers to come to you.

Belize whatsapp number list

You have to find out where they are. go there and bring them to your store.” Captivate your audience. attract them to your page. offer useful and interesting content and give them reasons to invest in you. Eddie Machaalani – Co-Founder and CEO of “Due to the increased use of social media on smartphones and their relationship to retail sales. ‘social selling’ has become a hot spot. Anyone hoping to improve their online sales should take advantage of the trends that are emerging.” The use of social networks is a key trend in any Internet sales plan. Making a presence in them is unavoidable if you want to attract customers.

Of Potential Customers

Jack Lowinger – Founder and CEO of Cartonomy “Retailers (by retailers) that go beyond selling a product and tell a story to establish a brand identity and to build a one-on-one relationship with their customers are more likely to be successful.” Content is king in any marketing plan . Fall in love and captivate with stories. identify with the public and win long-term relationships. Jack Ma – Founder and CEO of Alibaba Group “In e-commerce. the most important thing is trust. People will invest money only in those brands that they trust. Work hard on earning respect and credibility because even if you have the best products. You won’t generate sales without the first. Hirashi Mikitani – Co-founder and CEO of Rakuten “Search is a good thing. but it’s not a replacement for shopping.

Shopping is so much more. E-commerce cannot stay in the search box”. Do you want to know how to sell successfully online? Give the customer a shopping experience that is unforgettable and worth sharing. Jonathan Mildenhall – Chief Marketing Officer de Airbnb “Amazing things will happen when you listen to the customer. Much of the success of Internet sales lies in the ability of companies to know. In depth what the public is demanding. Binny and Sachin Bansal – Founders of FlipKart. We were not thinking in numbers. but we knew that something great can be built from e-commerce. Sales in any business are important; however. The client is even more so. If you focus on it. the billing will take care of itself.

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