It is therefore essential that a professional take care of it from the start

At the risk of losing a lot of time and money due to irregularities. Translation of content When a company exports its activity abroad, it is essential that it offers its new target group all of its print and online media (flyers, contracts, website, social networks, etc.) in the language of target country. It will indeed be much more complicated to integrate if it keeps all of its communication in its original language or in English (international language). In addition, it is about its brand image and the guarantee of quality that it refers to its South Africa Email List new target. However, the complexity of the translation does not have to be demonstrated. Whether for legal (and therefore contractual) documents or more informal communication on social networks for example, it is essential to adopt the right vocabulary, the right turns of phrase, the right expressions, etc.

For this, Google Translate and other translation software should be banned. Only a freelance translator or a specialized agency can offer quality work. Develop and implement the marketing and communication strategy From one country to another, the perception of the marketing and communication strategy of brands can be perceived completely differently. Indeed, it is essential to adapt them to the local culture and above all not to offer a standardized strategy to all the countries in which the company is present. As with the quality of the translation, the brand image and the credibility it conveys are at stake.

For example, it will be necessary to adapt the content marketing strategy

the social media strategy, the emailing strategy, etc. If the objective is to be present in several countries, it therefore seems complicated to manage this point internally. It therefore seems wiser to choose an agency to develop specialized exports from the country or countries in question. To conclude, choosing an agency to develop your export business has many advantages. This makes it possible to benefit from expertise and a quality of control that is difficult to achieve internally. In addition, a great deal of expertise is required which is therefore very time consuming to carry out internally.

Finally, it allows to tailor the strategy with precision to a multitude of countries while internally it is complicated to focus on more than one country at a time. Find more information about the internationalization of activity among previous Force Plus articles . For example, we offer you the one that will teach you how to prospect abroad through emailing . Creation of clear and concise scenarios Best practices in lead management during the campaign Relevant processing of information The main objective of carrying out a lead management strategy is to collect information about your leads . This information will then allow you to feed them with content that particularly interests them in view of their profile.

Once fed with relevant, relevant content that promotes your expertise

The end goal is obviously to convert them into customers. As you will understand, data is therefore the cornerstone of this whole process. The better you know your leads, the more you can adapt your communication, and therefore the more likely you are to convert them into customers. It is therefore essential to take stock of the essential information you need, as well as the secondary ones. This will allow you to qualify your leads in a relevant way. It is indeed important to keep in mind that all leads are not the same and are not the same. Creating a unique scenario for all therefore seems complicated. In fact, the better you can categorize them, the better you will meet their needs .

Thus, a relevant collection and qualification of your data is an essential element for the good management of your lead management strategy . Personalization and responsiveness One of the good practices of lead management lies in the personalization of your interactions with your leads as well as in your reactivity . Indeed, it is undeniable that a nourished lead is more likely to convert: “68% of customers are more confident after being nourished with content from a brand.” (iMedia Connection).On the other hand, if you come back to your leads three weeks after their first contact, it’s a safe bet that they will have forgotten you.

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