It Is Therefore Important to Know What Your “Top Posts”

are and what type of posts your audience appeals to the most. Take into account all the elements that can influence the reach of your post. A chestnut tree can help you remember important events and those to come. Avoid certain dates and favor certain others, such as major sporting events, festivals or even national days, such as International Women’s Day on March 8. Method to define the “top posts” of your page Step 1: go to the statics of your page Step 2: click on “Publications” on the left Step 3: Select the posts with the highest coverage and the Macedonia Phone Number List best interaction rate (calculated without clicks) determine your top posts with facebook audience insights It’s important to clarify that the post with the best coverage won’t necessarily be your top post. Because yes, a post can be seen by thousands of people, if it doesn’t generate interactions, it is of very little value.

Ditto for interaction, a post can have a high interaction rate, if it is only seen by a few people, it will not reflect the performance of the latter. Method for defining the most popular types of posts on your page Step 1: go to the statics of your page Step 2: click on “Publications” on the left Step 3: select the “Types of publications” tab Step 4: Divide the interactions (in burgundy) by the average coverage Learn what types of posts work best with Facebook audience insights Thanks to this audience insights statistic, Facebook gives you the type of publication that your audience prefers.

In Many Cases, It Will Be the Video or the Photo

But this is not a given: every page and every community is different . To conclude : What is Facebook insights? A great tool to measure statistics essential to your communication strategy. With this article, you now know some easy methods to calculate your reach and your community engagement. But it is not enough to analyze these numbers to draw conclusions about the performance of a page. It is then necessary to act, to try, to innovate and to anticipate. Facebook is not an exact law and the buzz is sometimes inexplicable: it’s up to you to create this chance! Do you need help creating this chance? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

In addition, some of the posts you schedule may contain links to your website or to a specific page. This will contribute to an increase in the traffic and notoriety of your website, and therefore, in the SEO of the latter. Through the message you want to send or the action you expect from your audience, your posts must also follow a defined objective . Would you like to promote your company’s products or services? Increase traffic to your website? Retain your current customers? Convince new prospects? It’s up to you to define the purpose of the content you publish.

Ensured Continuity of Your Flows Sometimes Content Writing Can Be Handled

By several people within your company. The editorial calendar therefore makes life easier for your community managers, your Marketing department or even your interns, since they will be able to distribute the work better and be more organized ! Anticipating publications will allow you to have a better internal organization , which will be reflected externally through your publications! Make the work of your teams easier thanks to your editorial calendar! It will also allow you to remedy the absence of one of the people in charge of writing the content. Your posts being already scheduled in advance, another person can take charge of the editorial calendar in order to continue the publication on the various social networks. To conclude : Have you understood everything about the editorial calendar, how it works and the benefits it can bring to your business? So it’s time to take action!

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