Through photos and Instagram is the ideal network to do this (in fact. it made selfies famous and popular ). It is an easy-to-use network that allows you to manipulate your photos. apply filters and light effects to turn even the simplest photo into a work of art. For many. this is the most emotional network of all and is one of the favorites because it allows you to express everything with images and connect with people in different parts of the world regardless of language. LinkedIn: The success of this network is that it is purely professional. Far from being a platform to express feelings or emotions. this is the showcase of what we are as entrepreneurs and businessmen .

It is entertaining because it allows you to be part of groups of professionals who share information of interest. share our work portfolio. ask for job recommendations. Pinterest: The ideal social network for entrepreneurs to connect with their audience (it is estimated that it can influence purchase intention by up to 52% ). especially women and people with high purchasing power. Its pleasure lies in the fact that it is possible to find. share and organize various collections of images or videos in boards (a kind of album) to segment the content according to interests. Likewise. it makes it possible to share content with other networks. and is more private with the identity and personal life of users.

Not All The New Visits

Tumblr: It’s no wonder that with the El salvador whatsapp number list of blogging. Tumblr is taking off. This social network connects people from all over the world through stories. gifs. videos. phrases or simply images. It is a network that entertains Colombians because it is the space to find stories on specific topics and share tastes. hobbies and passions. A quick overview… Briefly to finish. I would like us to measure where we are “standing”. to realize the potential that companies have with the massive use of the Internet (fixed and mobile) and the taste for networks by Colombians. Here are some facts that may interest you: In the region… More than 223 million people (78.4% of the 284 billion Internet users) participate in some social network. according to a report by ECLAC .

El salvador whatsapp number list

Based on traffic. the most popular Internet sites are social networks (19.7%). Mexico. Argentina. Peru. Chile and Colombia are among the 10 countries in the world with the most users on social networks. 95% of the total time spent on networks is spent on Facebook; while Twitter presents 1.4%. The firm eMarketer affirms that there are 217 million Facebook users in the region . In colombia… Internet penetration is 55%. according to the ICT Ministry. exceeding the regional average (50.1%). There are about 26 million mobile Internet users. of whom more than 16 million use smartphones. Consulting social networks. says a study by Ipsos . is the second most frequent activity of Colombians on the Internet (81%).

You Get Will Become

The first is checking email (83%). The DANE Cultural Consumption Survey indicates that 87.6% of the total number of people aged 12 and over who know how to read and write read social networks. Latinlink states that more than 93% of the time that Colombians spend on the networks is done on Facebook. Conclution Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular networks in the world and in Colombia this is no exception. Why? They are platforms through which people express themselves and expose their personal side. As well as being the window to discover brands and generate a connection with them.

However. there are other networks that are also entertaining due to their variety of content. Formats and possibilities to segment the information that is shared. Do you agree that these are the most entertaining networks for Colombians? Which one do you think was missing? Every year that passes. advertising investment on the internet increases more. From 2014 to 2015 it went from 11.4% to 14.42%. and in the first half of 2016 it increased by 24.4% compared to the previous year. The figures are incredible! And the competition is beastly! If we take into account that the most popular investment format is the display. We must ensure that we have an ad that captivates its audience.

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