The new model emphasizes the importance of retaining customers once they’ve been converted. The new ABM funnel provides a more holistic view of the buyer’s journey by focusing on engagement and retention.

Characteristics of an ABM Funnel

There are a few key characteristics of an ABM Funnel that make it different from other types of marketing funnels.

Here are a few things:The focus is on quality, not quantity.

With ABM, the goal is to identify and target high-value accounts that are highly likely to become customers. You might have fewer prospects in your funnel, but they will be higher-quality leads.The buying process is more complex.

Because you’re targeting specific companies with an ABM approach, the sales process will be more complex than if you were just selling to individual consumers.

Your funnel will need to be longer and more detailed to VP Design Officers Email Lists account for the multiple decision-makers within each target account.You need account intelligence.

To be successful with ABM, you need to have a deep understanding of your target key accounts. It requires extensive research and data analysis. Generating leads or converting prospects into customers will be difficult without these insights.It is a team effort.

Success with ABM requires buy-in and collaboration from multiple departments within your company, including sales, marketing, and customer success. You’ll need strong communication and project management skills to keep everyone on the same page.

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Who is ABM for?

So who can best benefit from ABM?

Businesses with complex sales cycles and high-value deals are prime candidates. If you’re selling products or services that require a significant investment from your buyers, then ABM can be an extremely effective way to close more business.

ABM can also benefit businesses with a small number of target accounts. Because ABM is a more personalized and targeted approach, it can help engage the decision-maker within these companies.How to Implement an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Now that you know what account-based marketing is and who can benefit from it, let’s look at how you can implement an ABM strategy.

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