When I work with my marketing team, I know we have the same goal. To provide the users of our site with the best experience possible. Though belgium phone number as a developer. I won’t typically be tasked with creating content, there are some key metrics and concepts that I keep in mind. When developing that will help both belgium phone number the marketing team and me achieve our goals. Here are some fundamental concepts web developers focus on when building web pages. And what they mean for you as a marketer. First meaningful paint and time to interactive first meaningful paint and time. To interactive are particularly useful metrics in determining the performance of your web page.

Essentially the Shorter These Belgium Phone Number

Times, the faster your users can access and engage with the content on your page. Though your web team does a lot of work to ensure these that the First Meaningful Paint and the Time to Interactive occur as Belgium Phone Number quickly as possible—by using CDNs, modularizing code so only what is needed loads, minifying Belgium Phone Number CSS and JavaScript—there are considerations the marketer can make when working with designers or designing their content that effects these metrics. Let’s go a bit more in-depth. The First Meaningful Paint (FMP) is the first time that your web browser renders content on the page that is useful to the end user.

Let’s Say You Have a Website Belgium Phone Number

Belgium phone number

All about different types of ducks and on your homepage, you want to feature a “Duck of the Month” as the homepage hero, or rather, main content above the fold. The FMP is the point at which the user Belgium Phone Number can first see the image of your “Duck of the Month” as well as any headline or text attached to the image. Time to Interactive (TTI) is closely related to the FMP and will come after the FMP. Using the Belgium Phone Number previous example, let’s say our “Duck of the Month” hero also has the ability to play the quack of the duck when clicked on, and you can swipe from left to right for more images. TTI is the time it takes for these features to become available on the page for the user to use, or when the page or app becomes useful.

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