We’ve covered keyword research and incorporating Belgium Phone Number lots of details for beginners like you in these two blog posts – take a look and learn the whole process from A to Z:

Ultimate Guide: How to Research and Select the Right Keywords for Your Business?


Step 3: Attract Your Consumers With Your Meta Tags
We could have talked about meta tags in the content step, or the technical SEO step, but we think they deserve a special mention.

This is because they have an important role to play in driving traffic to your site.

Here are the three important meta tags you should focus on:

Meta Title

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The meta title is the title that appears on search engine results pages, browser tabs, and when a webpage/blog post is shared on social media.

It should be catchy, relevant and should pique the reader’s interest and make them want to click.


Meta Description
Although a meta description has no direct effect on your ranking, it is VERY important.

This description gives the reader a bit more detail about what they will find on the landing page than the meta title. It can be the difference between a click and a scroll.

Meta Robots Tag
This meta tag contains information that guides search engine crawlers on how to crawl and index the page.

We talk more about these three meta tags, as well as why optimizing them is crucial right in this blog post.

Step 4: Link your internal web pages – even if there are only a few
Small businesses generally place less emphasis on developing complex websites with many different pages.


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