Kuka: Revenge 2015: Who Will Win the Game – Man or Machine?

The answer will be revealed on March 11, 2015, when KUKA robot Agilus and table tennis professional Timo Boll once again face off against their skills in speed, precision and flexibility. KUKA not having said its last word, once again relies on effective world for the management and technical implementation of its global marketing campaigns. A year ago, 6 million Internet Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List users followed the match facing the two opponents all more than determined to win the game.

In 2014, the world table tennis player, Timo Boll, chained the quick shots one after the other but the Agilus robot seemed unimpressed by the efforts of his rival winning point after point but Boll not being determined to lower the arm, adopts a much more offensive strategy. By changing his playing tactics, Boll regains the upper hand and becomes the winner of the game against KUKA’s robot leading 11 to 9. Agilus had to admit that while he might be the best robot, he arguably wasn’t the best table tennis player. It remains to be seen if the robot is ready to take revenge against Boll on March 11 – To follow the match,

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