Lead center and chatbot: a possible marriage?

Lead center and chatbot, here are two new commercial approaches that are increasingly on the rise. First of all, the lead center, which is a neologism for lead management. Secondly, chatbots, which are the most popular customer relationship technology at the moment. In fact, chatbots are now at the heart of commercial development and customer relationship strategies. A year ago, only 2% of companies owned it compared to 9% today. However, a question about Belarus Email List arises. Does a lead center that is highly digitalized need a chatbot to function? As you know, generating leads goes a lot through marketing actions such as inbound. Should the lead center that manages and qualifies these leads rely on a set of new technologies.

We will therefore see if the lead center and chatbot are compatible to improve the experience and the customer relationship. What is a lead center? The lead center is an anglicism that describes the evolution of the telephone outsourcing market. The term lead center combines two very distinct but very similar terms which are: The lead or prospect in French The call center The term lead is the act of deciphering the people likely to make a purchase. Lead generation can be defined as project detection. The main objective is the detection of signals of interest emitted by potential customers via the web.

These signs can be measured and quantified, for example

The number of completed forms Interactions on the site Social media engagement Maintained trade. The second term is based on the call center or call center. Unlike a traditional call center, a lead center is based on more complex requests. A lead center is able to take care of the three classic levels of call centers but it is structured around levels 2 and 3. To better understand what a lead center is, you need to consider the best aspects of both terms. That is to say, a lead center is capable of using advanced digital and human techniques. In addition, a lead center differs from a simple call center in that it is able to manage and generate leads from end to end. Unlike a traditional call center, a lead center does not do raw prospecting.

These are the different tools such as marketing automation or CRM that make it possible to optimize prospecting. Obviously, behind this call center 3.0, the presence of the human is indisputable for the management and the conclusion of leads in sales. How does a chatbot work? Before going into more depth on the question, let’s first define what a chatbot is. A chatbot is a tool/software that interacts with a system via a messaging application or a platform. From the user’s point of view, the impression is to converse with a natural person but in reality, they are successful with computer scripts. These computer scripts are the result of a lot of research and computer code. Some even allow a machine to learn on its own. This is called machine learning.

To schematize how a chatbot works, we can say that the script identifies keywords

From there the tool is able to respond to a customer request. We can therefore say that there is a form of artificial intelligence even if it remains weak. In short, a chatbot has artificial intelligence but it must be continuously worked on. The big advantage of chatbots is the fact that they are able to respond to recurring and simple requests. This allows requests to be dealt with quickly and leaves time for more complex problems. This technological innovation also makes it possible to provide relevant information on the functioning of a product or service. Why are lead center and chatbot compatible? Lead center and chatbot are therefore very complementary by their respective definitions.

Both use digital aspects to be able to function. The first, even if it is similar to call center 3.0, with the telephone and customer management as the main tool. The chatbot meanwhile allows rapid execution and therefore leaves time for lead center staff. Lead center and chatbot therefore take over the entire conversion diagram of the journey and the customer relationship. Therefore and just like chatbot and phoning , lead center and chatbot are compatible. The objective is to deal with basic problems via algorithms and to leave a more important place to the human being for the rest. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or read our article on the 5 key steps of social selling . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information

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