Let Us Be A Citizen, Do Not Saturate The SAMU For A Simple Little Fever

Also, think that the Ministry of Health advises against the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid any worsening of cases of the virus. It is recommended to take paracetamol (generic also works). After consulting your doctor, he will likely ask you to #Stay home Finally I have serious and worrying symptoms of the Covid-19 virus The Samu (number 15 or 114 for the hearing impaired) should be called as soon as serious symptoms Tokelau Email List of Covid-19 appear, namely breathing difficulties, signs of suffocation/shortness of breath or discomfort.

With this objective, we must begin its digitalization, analyze all the costs of creation and maintenance. Then adopt the economic model that best suits your business profile. But in any case, you will have understood: “Digitization does not cost an average of € 1,500 excluding tax” Support for the digitalization of your business Request an audit & quote for web creation and digitalization To do this, please fill out the form below:

Indeed, the fact of publishing content (text, photos, images, links, video…)

increases your visibility on search engines. Your presence on these networks constitutes your credibility but also establishes your notoriety. And your subscribers and internet users will see that you are interacting with the community. In addition, the more qualitative your content, the more chance it will have to be shared. Note that “shares” correspond to the virality sought to develop your Google presence and referencing. Finally, remember that everything you post on social networks is indexed by search engines. In conclusion, search engine optimization and paid search can go hand in hand for better results quickly.

However, they require a real monthly budget. A web agency to manage your Google, Yahoo & Bing SEO Digital marketing agency since 2006 Our web agency is specialized in Google SEO and the definition of your local SEO strategy since 2006. Also, we offer you, according to your needs, an action plan with the definition of keywords, the editorial line, or even the SEO optimization of existing content after a complete audit of your website. Our team is Google Agency and Semrush certified to better master the best practices for the creation of your marketing content. So opt for a tailor-made service with a budget set over 12 months. And you will be permanently supported by a web project manager to manage, analyze and optimize your free and paid Google SEO.


The date of birth or the personal or professional telephone number

The same goes for the personal or professional email address. As well as the personal or professional mailing address, cookies and IP address (when combined with other information). Or of course the payment card number. And the social security number or the license plate of a vehicle. RGPD and B2B : Data processing. The GDPR in BtoB is also a set of operations that relate to the personal data of customers. On the other hand, if your file contains only data relating to prospects or customers, it will not be processing personal data. This is how we distinguish the GDPR in BtoB and BtoC. Likewise, your data processing must have a purpose. You cannot process or collect personal data and keep it as a safety net or “just in case …”.

So this amounts to saying that each data processing must have a very specific, legal, and legitimate purpose. . In other words, your data processing must have one and simple purpose: customer management. The concrete application of the GDPR between professionals Marketing operations such as commercial prospecting or customer loyalty does not require prior consent. On the other hand, all the required compliance conditions must be met in other cases to be in order with the GDPR and B2B. So, you must therefore ensure the implementation and application of the following three concepts:

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