Lightroom and Instagram: Edit Your Photos Easily and Quickly!

A communications project manager who uses photos to post on social media. A passionate cook who loves taking pictures of her dishes to share them with the community. A woman who wants to get started as a micro-influencer. Do you know what these different people have in common? We give you the answer: Instagram. Indeed, these different people will have to edit their photos to publish them on their social networks and particularly, on Instagram. Edit your photos with Lightroom for Instagram The goal? Have a harmonious feed on Instagram! So how do Jamaica Phone Number List you make all the photos look the same, and how do you get a feed that makes more than one dream? Thanks to the Adobe Lightroom app for Instagram .

From creating your photos to complete retouching, we show you how to create a brand image on Instagram. DO YOU KNOW ADOBE LIGHTROOM? Lightroom is software from the Adobe suite offering many features for retouching photos . To make Lightroom more accessible, a mobile version has been created allowing you to edit your photos directly from your mobile phone. Do you want to increase the brightness of your last shoot, accentuate the shades of blue or even brighten your photos? In a few minutes, you will be able to harmonize your photos with Lightroom on mobile .

In This Article, We Show You How to Use Lightroom for Instagram to Create a Great Feed

No need to spend hours in front of YouTube tutorials to understand how Photoshop works. Lightroom is easy to use software that you will learn to use quickly. HOW TO EDIT YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS WITH LIGHTROOM? How to get started with Lightroom Instagram on mobile? Start by installing the Adobe Lightroom mobile app After installing the app from the App Store or Google Play , you need to create an Adobe account . Don’t worry, creating an Adobe account is free and gives you access to many applications. The Lightroom app on mobile is free , at least you have a sufficient version allowing you to largely edit your photos to harmonize your Instagram feed.

The little extra: once your Adobe account is created, you can use it to download other Adobe applications. Even though a lot of software is chargeable, there is free software available, feel free to take a look. For example, you have Adobe XD available for free to easily create wireframes. Upload your photos to Lightroom Instagram Import your photos to edit them Then you will have to import your photos. It could not be easier. Either, you add your photos in the general library (by clicking on the “+” button), or, you create a special folder, and you import them from the library of your phone or that of the application. Good to know: With Lightroom, you don’t overwrite your original files .

Indeed, by Importing Your Photos Into Lightroom, You Will Create a Copy of Your Photos

Ideal if you want to keep the original photos for a different use, for example for the creation of a banner for your website or for your brochure presenting your services. The main features of Lightroom to edit photos on Instagram After importing your photos, it’s time to retouch. This is when your fingers will slide across your screen to find the best settings. Keep in mind that your goal is to have a consistent Instagram feed , so your photos should have the same color tones, which is not always easy. Indeed, depending on where you are going to take your photos, the brightness will be completely different. Crop your photos to have the perfect Instagram dimensions The first step is to crop your photos .

Indeed, you should know that Instagram crops your photos automatically when you import them, which degrades their quality. Thus, we advise you to crop your photos from the start. For this, you have the possibility to select the format (1 × 1 Square), this is the format of your publications when you consult your feed in grid (also appearing on the news feed). You can also select the format (5 x 4) , a format which also appears on the news feed, but which then adapts to (1 × 1) when you have an overview of your feed. Subsequently, you can rotate your image by selecting the functions: decline, left or right rotation, but also horizontal or vertical symmetry. Crop your photos with Lightroom Instagram Adjust the colors: saturation, temperature, black and white …

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