After the quail eggs collected from the farm, exposed and dehydrated for one to two days before transported to the primary processing plant. The primary processing plant mainly divided into three areas: the “non-clean area” used to count quail eggs and label them. The “quail eggs” initially washed in the “quail clean area”, and finally enter the “clean area” for heating, cooking, cooling, shelling, and shelling. Four manual inspections, the last 12 capsules packaged and shipped in soft bags at room temperature.

Two big myths Each yolk stands in the center so it’s a fake egg High cholesterol

In the processing of quail eggs, one of the Kuwait Phone Number steps is “heating and guiding”. Simply put, the quail eggs heated while rotating and guiding, so that the yolk can stably neutralized in the middle. Lin Yansheng, a businessman of Yuhe Foods Co., Ltd., said that Taiwanese consumers rarely see fresh quail eggs, do not know the process of boiled quail eggs, and do not know that quail eggs have so much output, so it is easy to develop doubts about fake eggs. Lin Qingliang added, “The production cost of fake bird eggs is two yuan, and fresh quail eggs seven to eight cents. Making fake eggs is actually an act that does not meet the cost.”

Lin Yansheng also shared with Food Power how to

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distinguish the quality of quail eggs. First, the biggest difference between quail eggs and eggs is that there stripes on the eggshell. The secreted pigment is attached to the quail egg for the purpose of protecting the color, so the more spots on the quail egg, the healthier and fresher the egg. Second, when the quail eggs heated, they will first enter the cooling for preliminary screening. If the quail eggs  not fresh or damaged, they will float on the water surface, unlike fresh quail eggs that will sink into the bottom conveyor belt and go to the next step. Shell program.

When it comes to cholesterol, you may have heard the saying that eating a quail egg is over the limit, but is it really true? Usually eating four to five cooked quail eggs is equivalent to the weight of one cooked egg (50 grams). According to the scientific research published in “Journal of Food Composition and Analysis” in 2003, the cholesterol content of each gram of quail egg yolk is 12.1 mg. The egg yolk is 12.0 mg. In simple terms, the cholesterol in quail egg yolk is equivalent to that in egg under the same weight of egg yolk. Therefore, the cholesterol ingested by eating four to five quail eggs is actually the same as eating one egg.

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