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Live chat is a very popular conversion Bolivia Phone number tactic used by law firms. A small popup box generates after a user visits a website, offering visitors the option to live chat. Live chat is incredibly helpful for law firms. We can specify beforehand the intake questions. Thus, the chat service will ask so law firms receive the exact information Bolivia Phone Number they want from website visitors using the live chat functionality. However, you may have noticed a change to your website’s live chat last month and you might be concerned about it.

How Did Live Bolivia Phone Number Chat Change?

Previously, many live chat services Bolivia Phone Number utilized a popup box offering live chat that appeared in the middle of the screen as a small square. This is the most common form of the live chat popup across nearly all industries. A recent update changed the small box in the middle of the screen into a bar at the top of the screen. While changes will vary from vendor to vendor, your new live chat box might look something like this. The live chat bar will now not appear in the middle of the screen, but on the very top or very bottom of the screen. Some law firms might see their square chat box moved from the middle of the screen to the corner and look something link this.

When Google penalizes a site, it Bolivia Phone Number makes it much less likely that the site will appear in organic search results. This means a decrease in traffic and thus leads. To prevent live chat users from suffering this penalty, live chat services are beginning to update their designs to be less intrusive and to avoid picking up a Google penalty.


Why Live Chat Bolivia Phone Number Changed

Popups are what the Google search engine Bolivia Phone Number calls “interstitials. Basically, an interstitial is anything that impedes a website. Thus, like popups. Google has never liked interstitials and refers to many of them as “intrusive interstitials. Google doesn’t like intrusive interstitials for a very simple reason. Thus, users don’t like them either. There are few things as irritating as landing on a webpage from search results only to be immediately accosted by Pop-ups. Google has Bolivia Phone Number long penalized websites for intrusive interstitials. But this really only hurt websites with multiple Pop-ups. However, in January Google announced an update to. Its algorithm that targets many intrusive interstitials. Previously, law firm websites could use live chat intrusive interstitials. But Google’s new algorithm update now makes these Pop-ups result in a penalty for the website.

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