Local customer relations: an added value that generates leads?

The customer relationship is today one of the main pillars of a sustainable business strategy for a company. Indeed, the objective of a company is not to make a commercial one shot, but to retain customers. Whether before, during, or after the proximity between a brand and its customers has a positive effect on the results, but when is it geographical proximity? The local customer relationship, therefore, intervenes in a principle of Bermuda Email List geographical proximity and consequently reduces many circuits. If you use a call center or customer service to process your requests, geographic proximity can be of real benefit to you.

These benefits are diverse, whether financial or on the relationship of trust between the company and the service provider. Therefore, we can ask ourselves if the local customer relationship is an added value allowing to generate leads? Why focus on local customer relations? Focusing on local customer relations meets several expectations that can be found in the principles of current consumption. We can see since 2008/2009, that certain types of consumption emerge as for example in food the short circuit. This notion of local has spread to other industries and consuming it locally is becoming commonplace.

What we call the local customer relationship

Here is a regional or national customer relationship. Let’s take an example for the general public, that of the French Slip which has a local dimension. Based on the concept of Made in France, put forward by Arnaud Montebourg and the gradual changes in consumption, Guillaume Gibault has succeeded in putting his entire sales loop in a local/national environment. In sum, all the phases of its commercial strategy for which the customer relationship is local. In the context of call centers, local customer relations also respond to growing demand both from consumers and from brands that use these service providers. Today, 100% of French call centers are becoming a real selling point.

The large CAC 40 groups do not hesitate to internalize and/or outsource part of their customer relationship. Giving back a made in France side and therefore focusing on a local customer relationship is becoming an issue for brands. Whether they are B2C or B2B, the notion of local customer relationship, therefore, responds to a request from the end customer. Focusing on local customer relations, therefore, allows you to benefit from a better reputation which will increase your sales.

Local customer relations for a better ROI

Focusing on a local customer relationship also allows you to have a better ROI despite the fixed cost being more expensive. Indeed, using a French call center is often more expensive than abroad. However, like clothes, the quality is better and promotes internal social bonding. If you use a local call center you will get a better ROI because you: Have specialized resources in a specific area. These specialists will be able to better meet customer expectations or capture leads. Enjoy better results and a better reputation Could be in permanent contact with your service provider Have real-time monitoring and digitalization of your processes A significant financial benefit well above an outsourced call center overseas.

The local customer relationship is therefore a generator of leads because it responds to demand and changes in consumption. The notion of proximity is a “short circuit” in a way that is a real added value. If you liked this article, check out our customer experience page or read our article on the concept of customer relations. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information

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