Local SEO to develop your web visibility

After the COVID-19 health crisis, local referencing has become a key asset for companies. The implementation of a web referencing strategy in order to be visible on search engines is obviously crucial for all companies. Indeed, Google’s algorithm will allow your local SEO to optimize your website through the creation of your Google My Business listing and the insertion of inbound links on your site. When you create a GMB page , you automatically French Guiana Email List appear in search results for local businesses on Google Maps. Google local search results are selected according to the name of the city in which you are located.

Other information should be available such as your address, phone number, social networks and customer reviews. How to appear in search engines? For all businesses, showing up on search engines remains the “absolute holy grail”. Search engines require a set of techniques that help the Google algorithm to make its choice of positioning. Indeed, the web and its technologies allow you to increase your visibility with which you can attract more customers. There are different ways to do this: Natural referencing says SEO , paid referencing says SEA.

SEO by social networks says SMO

And finally local SEO , via Google. Know that every referral is important. But it’s the combination of the set that will give you the best results while still meeting your needs within your allotted budget. For more information, you can read How to be visible on Google? Community e-reputation management agency What is local SEO? Google SEO tutorial The local SEO is a technical SEO geolocated . First of all, it’s important to know that 25% of all searches come from local and 85% of internet users have already searched nearby. Local queries are very often very qualified queries which increase the capacity of lead conversions.


You must position your site in the first Google results as well as work on your other web referencing possibilities such as SMO or SEA . As you know, other digital platforms like “ The Yellow Pages ” “ Google my business ” also allow to improve local referencing . What is the point of local SEO? The interest of local SEO is that it targets and qualifies customers close to you! All companies have an interest in developing their local SEO . The local SEO is part of SEO. By relying on local SEO, you allow your website to appear in various queries related to your industry. Internet users’ requests are more and more precise and therefore have a high conversion rate (which means that they are more apt to take the action of buying).

If you are a locally established business, don’t miss out on its strengths

2019 e-commerce key figures How does local SEO work? The local SEO works so that you can make an appointment with a hairdresser near you without having to move and while knowing all the information to know. In the Google results of “hairdresser nearby” several results are available to you. And like many people you tend to click on the first result with the most positive reviews, correct hours and a phone number. The local SEO is therefore an essential lever for increasing your web visibility artisans, bakers, florists or caterers, you can not miss! When creating your website , setting up a local SEO strategy helps increase traffic and conversion.

Finally, in order to properly reference your site locally, you need: Optimize your SEO title and your meta description: they are two key elements of natural referencing, whether local or not. Do a competitive intelligence: it will help you produce the content of your site adapted to the sector of activity in which you are. Analysis and choice of keywords in your catchment area according to what you offer. Content creation: blog posts or videos, you attract more customers with materials that support your expertise. Content optimization: writing articles with the requested keywords.

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