Sign in to google search console install an ssl certificate try the robots.txt file create a sitemap of your website use images in webp format fix 404 errors select a web hosting plan optimize the homepage title tag check the security of the website take advantage of browser caching 1. Therefore,  google search console google search console is a free tool that allows small business owners to improve the performance of their business website. Key technical features include the ability to check indexing status.

Links Are a Clear Reflection

Troubleshoot potential issues. And measure website performance.  Something like a direct communication channel between the company and google. Thanks to this tool. Web owners will be able to share information with google Guatemala Phone Numbers about which pages to index and what incidents related to the web have been solved. Therefore, its part. Google will send notifications to the owners of the web regarding possible errors that must be solv.

Your Online Reputation

First task: access google search console and take advantage of all the information that the tool provides as soon as possible. Therefore, an ssl certificate search engines prioritize web security and user protection. Therefore, that https would be used as a ranking signal to encourage more websites to install certificates and adopt https to help keep users safe. Implementing an certificate places a lock icon next to your page url. Therefore, a secure connection for your customers.

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